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Flatter to Deceive

24 February 14

Dave Seaman

One of the original movers and shakers of the UK house movement makes his debut on Great Stuff Recordings. Dave Seaman the veteran DJ and producer presents a night club jolting track named "Flatter to Deceive". 

"Flatter to Deceive" centers around a dynamic, forward-jacking monster of a kinky techno groove, with mesmerizing vocal samples thumping around trippy sound structures. Seaman's creates epic little breaks and build-ups throughout the track to take the energy to another level entirely. Captivating, energetic and timeless, it's everything you could want from a cutting-edge techno stomper.

Seff is left with the gripping task on the remix. Seff is making quite some waves currently with his refreshing approach to producing distinct crossover house and techno. He sets off on a mission to pump the track up into something with a more funky groove and atmospheric feel.