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February 2019 - Radio Therapy Broadcast

Some number ep

Once more unto the breach. Listen again to another instalment in Dave's long running podcast series. One hundred and three episodes and counting. It's the one and only Radio Therapy. Enjoy :)


1. Denis Horvat ‘Bajka’ [Diynamic]

2. Radeckt ‘Loncau’ [Atmosphere]

3. EdOne ’17’ [Selador]

4. Anii “Galaxianii [Kompakt]

5. Olivier Giacomotto ‘Elle’ [Yoshitoshi]

6. Hidden Empire ‘Valhalla’ [Stil Vor Talent]

7. OC & Verde ‘Panther’ [Rukus]

8. Brigade Crew & Crisstiano ‘Amaru’ [Solar Distance]

9. Fairmont ‘Gazebo’ (Patrice Bäumel) [Sapiens]

10. Green Velvet & Gene Farris ‘Galaxie’ [Cajual]

11. Zoo Brazil feat. Wolf & Moon ’Thunderstorm’ (Dave Seaman) [Selador]