Resident Advisor Top Ten – May 2012

My latest chart for

1. Slam ‘Eterna’ (Digweed & Muir) [Soma]
2. Guy Mantzur & Dave Seaman ‘K9’ (Solee mix) [Sudbeat]
3. Federico Epis ‘The End’ (Jamie Stevens mix) [Flow Vinyl]
4. Ramon Tapia ‘The Cry’ (Secret Cinema mix) [Say What]
5. Daniel Dexter ‘Sirens’ [Poker Flat]
6. Gui Boratto ‘This Is Not The End’ (Ame mix) [Kompakt]
7. Terranova ‘Question Mark’ (Kink/Adam Port mixes)Kompakt]
8. Christian Smith ‘Carambola’ [Bedrock]
9. Alice Jones & Gabriel Ananda ‘Struck By Light’ [Basmati]
10. Francseco Piccirillo ‘Stroke’

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – May 2012

Listen again to Dave’s latest radio show originally aired on May 15th on

Play list is as follows…

1. Sono ‘Keep Control’ (Eats Everything remix)
2. Gabriel Ananda ‘Warm Cologne’ [Monique Music]
3. Luis Junior ‘Deep Dip Ocean’ (King Unique remix) [Mooseeka]
4. Jonathan Cowan ‘Hey Buddy’ [Stereo]
5. Glenn Morrison ‘Parallel Universe’ [Morrison Recordings]
6. Slam ‘Eterna’ (Digweed & Muir) [Bedrock]
7. Phil Kieran ‘Never Ending Mountain’ (Egbert) [Cocoon]
8. Federico Epis ‘The End’ (Jamie Stevens)[Flow Vinyl]
9. Letthemusicplay Feat. UTRB ‘Don’t Weigh Me Down’ (Guy J mix)
10. Who Made Who ‘Below The Cherry Moon’ [Kompakt]
11. Photek ‘No Agenda’ [K7]

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