Tulipa Recordings presents Dave Seaman The Holy Ghost Remix Competition

TULIPA054-1In early 2013 Dave Seaman released an amazing single on the United States-based label Tulipa Recordings which made a big impact on the global electronic music scene with DJ support from the every one from of Seth Troxler to Florain Meindl and Nick Warren to Lee Curtiss. Showcasing the DJ legend’s sophisticated style of fusing hypnotic grooves with memorable melodies, Dave raised the bar yet again to mark another pinnacle in his long career. Continuing this momentum, the master returns with The Holy Ghost Remix Competition and now you too can become a part of the story.

The winner will have their remix released on Tulipa Recordings this summer alongside mixes from heavyweights D-Nox & Beckers and Dousk. The rules are simple but must be followed exactly to be considered in the competition.

1. Go to www.beatport.com/track/the-holy-g…inal-mix/4413467 and purchase your own copy of Dave Seaman – The Holy Ghost (Original Mix).

2. Go to www.tuliparecordings.com and download the stems.

3. Create your fantastic remix using the samples provided; do not use any copyrighted material in your mix.

4. Have fun, fun, and more fun crafting your masterpiece.

5. Upload your remix to soundcloud.com/groups/dave-seaman-the-holy-ghost-remix-competition/tracks WITH THE DOWNLOAD ENABLER TURNED OFF but set to public. Any entries that have the download function enabled will automatically be disqualified.

All entries must be submitted by April 4th, 2014 at 11:59 PM United States Central Time Zone.

ALL 5 STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED TO BE QUALIFIED. This will be verified before the winner is chosen. Dave Seaman and Summer (Brendon Collins) will together chose their favorites and then narrow the selection down to one lucky finalist.

Good luck :)

-Tulipa Recordings

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Renaissance 20th Anniversary Blog

For me, the arrival of Renaissance in 1992 signalled the start of the second phase of the acid house explosion. After the ‘Summers Of Love’ of ’88 & ’89 things had started to deteriorate as every Tom, Dick & Harry now thought they could put on a rave and the scene started to attract some unsavoury elements. Poorly organised events held purely in the interest of making money were fast becoming the norm and the dream was in danger of turning sour. Renaissance were really the first to try to take things to the next level bringing a certain style and panache to their parties with quality first and foremost on the agenda. They raised the bar and set a new standard by which all others would be judged. I remember sitting up ‘in the gods’ at their 2nd birthday at the Que Club in Birmingham looking down over the lavish production full of celestial cherubs emanating from fluffy cotton wool clouds above 2000+ clubbers all in their own little heavens. It was a sight to behold and one which finally made me realise that acid house meant business and was here to stay.

Renaissance were always in it for the long haul as this years 20th anniversary parties prove. Of course, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since those early days. Times have changed. But one thing has always stayed true. From it’s original home at Venue 44 in Mansfield to the stately home events, the tours of Australasia to Pacha & Privilege in Ibiza, from the endless revered compilations to Media in Nottingham & The Cross in London…. Renaissance remains one of clubland’s most enduring & iconic brands. Happy 20th! Here’s to the next two decades :-)

My Renaissance Classics Top Ten

Bedrock ‘For What You Dream Of’

Age Of Love ‘Age Of Love’

Hysterix ‘Talk To Me’ (Sasha mix)

Sounds Of Blackness ‘The Pressure Part 2’

Pete Lazonby ‘Scared Cycles’

Way Out West ‘Mind Circus’

Luzon ‘That Baguio Track’

Blast ‘Crazy Man’ (Fathers Of Sound mix)

Brothers Love Dubs ‘The Mighty Ming’

D Ream ‘You’re The Best Thing’ (Sasha Mix)


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Dave’s Latest Beatport Top Ten Chart

1. Electric Rescue ‘Dope’ [Bedrock]

2. Extrawelt ‘Swallow The Leader (99 Bricks Edit)’ [Cocoon]

3. Minilogue ‘Drop The Mask Of Self Protection’ (Rodskeez) [Traum]

4. Nicolas Masseyeff ‘Soul Hunter’ [Herzblut]

5. Antonio Piacquadio ‘Hold Up’ (Butch mix) [Play My Track]

6. David Keno ‘Traveler’ [Kindisch]

7. Darin Epsilon & Tom Sela ‘Metamorph’ [Mesmeric]

8. Mihalis Safras ‘Deepia’ (Coyu mix) [Material]

9. Stelios Vassiloudis ‘Reaching’ (Remix) [Bedrock]

10. Zoo Brazil ‘Game Face’ [Turbo]



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