My interview with DJ Download

DJ Download logoWhat have been up to lately and what can we expect from you over the next couple of months?I’ve just finished my latest mix compilation for Renaissance. It’s my 28th mix comp so I like to think I’ve got the hang of it now. So I’m going to be touring here there and everywhere to promote that right through to early 2012. In between that, we’ve just moved house. The third time in 2 years! But this time it’s for good I swear. It could fall down around me and I’ll be going nowhere!

What do you think about dj mag’s top100 poll? I think it turned into a load of old commercial lowest common denominator codswallop. This opinion coincidentally started to form around the very same time that I no longer found myself in it! hahaha

What’s the first record you bought? I bought Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’ with ‘We Will Rock You’ on the other side for 79p from Woolworths.

Are you afraid of piracy? Only if they made me walk the plank 😉

Define yourself in 3 words- Taurus, Virgo rising

Are you obsessed about anything? I’m a little bit excessive when it comes to the Japanese clothing & lifestyle brand A Bathing Ape. I’ve been collecting their stuff for over 10 years now and have everything from the bathmat to the underwear. It they’d made a kitchen sink, I’d have it in every colour!

What’s the most ridiculous promotional thing you’ve done? Top Of The Pops is up there. I did it with Heaven 17 when our Brothers In Rhythm mix of ‘Temptation’ went Top Ten. Standing there in the background miming along badly to a bassline for 3 minutes was pretty ridiculous in hindsight although at the time, it seemed like the pinnacle of chart success.

What are the current top five most listened to tracks/songs on your iPod? Lana Del Rey ‘Video Games’, Bombay Bicycle Club ‘Shuffle’, Massive Attack Vs. Burial ‘ Four Walls’ , Chilly Gonzales ‘Crying’, Everything Everything ‘Final Form’

What is your favourite TV show? Breaking Bad

What would your super hero super power be? Oh to fly definitely. I’d save a fortune getting to gigs!

If you ever walk around the house in pants and slippers and what do you listen to? Usually BBC6 Music. It was a revelation when I finally got round to buying a DAB radio and I discovered 6 Music. I love Shawn Keaveney in a morning and Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie’s show is the best on the airwaves. I couldn’t produce a finer radio station if I did it myself!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?  Australia without doubt. They’ve just got everything right as far he pace and quality of life but yet it’s still a hotbed of creativity and for an Englishman, full of home comforts. It’s just so far away for me to travel around the world DJing every weekend otherwise I’d be there in a shot.

What was your last thought? God , these questions are random. I like random :-)

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