Dave’s Beatport Top Ten – February 2013

Check out Ten highly recommended tracks from Dave’s sets of early 2013. Enjoy…

1. Beaumont Stanford ‘Bit Pitch’ [Outpost]

2. George Morel ‘My Thing’ [Suara]

3. Sebo K ‘Scenario’ [Mobilee]

4. Rachel Row ‘Follow The Step’ (Kink Beat mix) [Pets Recordings]

5. Hot Since 82 ‘Mr Drive’ [Noir]

6. Shall Ocin ‘Crash Into My Love’ [Culprit]

7. Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii ‘Dopplereffekt’ [Systematic]

8. Stelios Vassiloudis ‘Hunger (G Pal Mix) [Swift]

9. Tom Pooks ‘Loving Cyrell’ [Casbour]

10. Philipp Stoya ‘Ransd’ [Compost Black]


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Dave’s Latest Beatport Top Ten Chart

1. Electric Rescue ‘Dope’ [Bedrock]

2. Extrawelt ‘Swallow The Leader (99 Bricks Edit)’ [Cocoon]

3. Minilogue ‘Drop The Mask Of Self Protection’ (Rodskeez) [Traum]

4. Nicolas Masseyeff ‘Soul Hunter’ [Herzblut]

5. Antonio Piacquadio ‘Hold Up’ (Butch mix) [Play My Track]

6. David Keno ‘Traveler’ [Kindisch]

7. Darin Epsilon & Tom Sela ‘Metamorph’ [Mesmeric]

8. Mihalis Safras ‘Deepia’ (Coyu mix) [Material]

9. Stelios Vassiloudis ‘Reaching’ (Remix) [Bedrock]

10. Zoo Brazil ‘Game Face’ [Turbo]



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Radio Therapy Broadcast December 2011

Listen again here to my latest Radio Therapy show recorded exclusively for Friskyradio.com
The show goes out monthly on the third Tuesday of each month. The first broadcast of 2012 will go out on January 17th. Tune in :-)
Radio Therapy Broadcast December 2011 by Dave Seaman
Playlist is as follows..
1. Flowers & Sea Creatures ‘The Sitting Room’ (Mano Le Tough Mix) [Buzzin Fly]
2. Planningtorock ‘Living It Out’ (Billy Lock) [DFA]
3. Flip ‘Wallerr’ (Trickski)[Noir]
4. Passion Pit ‘Little Secrets’ (Ryan Davis)[Frech Kiss]
5. Mia ‘So Geht’s Nicht Weiter’ (Lanny May)
6. Santos ‘Neter’ (Adam Port) [Rockets & Ponies]
7. Phil Kieran & Green Velvet ‘Michael Jackson’ (Jamie Jones Edit) [PK]
8. Wael B ‘Lay Off The Booze’ (Dimitry Liss Dub) [Vurtical]
9. Scratch Massive ‘Waiting For A Sign’ (Sex Schon) [Pschent]
10. Mar T ‘Dolce Vita’ [Coccon]
11. Slove ‘Flash’ (Kevin Scherschel)

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My recent interview with Data Transmission

Data Trasmission logoQ. 20 years ago you were working as a journalist for Mixmag, at a time when the only way to receive that kind of information really was through radio, V and print. Since then the internet has come along; just from information stance how has how much we know about music changed?

A. I don’t think we’ve truly grasped yet just how much the internet has changed everything. Not just music. And I think we’re still only at the early stages of the digital revolution. Back when I was in charge of Mixmag, we didn’t even put the magazine together on a computer. I used to cut and paste with a scalpel and glue to make up the template from which the printer then made the magazine. Imagine that! Nowadays, there’s no air of mystique to music anymore. Everybody has access to the same information literally at their fingertips. It’s made for an instant gratification culture. And I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing.

Q. And whilst we’re on the matter, the music itself? There’s definitely more of it available, and the barriers of entry are lower. But is this a good thing?

A. No. The combination of diminishing expectations and lack of any quality control has turned into real burden for the scene. Everything is so disposable now. We drowning in a sea of so much stuff lacking in either imagination or technical ability or even worse, both! There is still good music out there of course but you have to be an excavation expert with immeasurable patience to find it!

Q. Where do you see the format of mix compilation going? As someone who has been at the forefront of the glory years of its previous days, both with Renaissance and Global underground, where does the modern compilation sit now?

A. For me it doesn’t change, a compilation should still be much more than just a bunch of tracks segued together. It should be an audio collage. A piece of art that will last for years. I spend weeks crafting my albums and although nothing like the glory years of the nineties, still do good numbers. How long the physical format of the CD will last remains to be seen but I’d still approach it the same way if it were to go digital only.

Q. Tell us about your new Masters compilation. How pleased are you to be working with renaissance again and can you describe what you’ve tried to achieve with the release?

A. It’s so good to have them back. For a while there was a big Renaissance sized hole in clubland. And it’s fitting that they’re back up and running in time to celebrate their 20th anniversary next year. As for the album, like I just said, there was a lot of care and attention to detail went into making it. It had to be something that which captured where I’m at in 2011 but will stand the test of time and which is befitting of the Renaissance brand. I hope all that has been realised.

Q. And you’re playing a launch party in Shoreditch for the album at the Village Underground. What can we expect from the gig and your set?

A. I shall be attempting to seamlessly segue from one track to the next without the aid of a safety net whilst simultaneously creating a atmosphere of enlightened rapture on the dance floor 😉

Q. Henry Saiz is playing alongside you. Are you a fan of his music?

A. A big fan yes. I thought his Balance compilation was fantastic and we played together with great success earlier this year in Buenos Aires. He’s one of the most exciting new DJ/Producers out there.

Q. Speaking of fans, we’ve also heard you’re a follower of Leeds United, a shared curse! How has their topsy-turvy trajectory dovetailed with your DJing career?

A. I’d never really thought about it but I suppose you could draw some parallels between what was going on in clubland at the turn of the millennium and Leeds United’s own trajectory. A period of success that turned into excess that culminated in a spectacular fall from grace. Just like Leeds though, we’re rebuilding for the future and things are looking up! :-)

Q. And finally, dream situation time. You can go back to any period in clubland history, and play at any club. Who would you have playing alongside you and what record would you drop that would define the evening? Or have you been lucky enough to have had this moment properly?

A. It would have to be at the Hacienda in 1988 but with Fabric’s current sound system playing alongside Graeme Park & Sasha and I’d drop ‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer for the very first time ever in a club having had a Back To The Future moment and gone back and stolen it from 1977!! Orgasmic :-)


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Radio Therapy Broadcast October 2011

Listen again to October’s edition of my Radio Therapy show for frisky radio.com
Radio Therapy Broadcast October 2011 by Dave Seaman

Traclist ia as follows…
1. Trentemoller ‘Moan’ (Radioslave remix)
2. Stelios Vassiloudis ‘The Z’
3. SIOPIS ‘I Try To Fight’ (Haito Göpfrich -& Kotti Prozak Dub)
4. 2000 and One ‘Tropical Melons’ (Kaiserdisco )
5. Dapayk Solo ‘Nneka’
6. Kollecktiv Turmstrasse ‘Uneins’ (Of Norway)
7. Tyson ‘After You’re Gone’ (Joe Goddard)
8. Tom Glass ‘Naive’ (Nick Warren)
9. Henry Saiz ‘La Marea’
10. Henry Saiz & Marc Marzenit ‘Radiance’ (King Unique)
11. Gui Boratto ‘This Is Not The End’

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The recent interview with www.skruff.com about my best & worst travel experiences

The Best

: what’s the most opulent, luxury/ decadent travel trip you’ve experienced?

That’s an easy one. My honeymoon in the Maldives. We travelled first class from Heathrow, took a sea plane from Male to the Soneva Fushi resort in the Baa atoll and spent a week there before going on to Cocoa Island for another week. It was an absolute picture paradise. It wasn’t opulent or decadent in a bling way. It was much more understated than that. But pretty much the perfect getaway. And cost a small fortune!

: and the best hotel?

Well, Soneva Fushi takes some beating but I love The Mercer in New York, The Hacienda in Ibiza, The Four Seasons in Bali, The Establishment in Sydney, The W in Hollywood, The Como in Melbourne. I could go on and on.

: what do you need to make a trip perfect?

An upgrade to first class!

: What do you always travel with (teabags? torch? lucky charm?

Spectacles, testicles, wallet & watch. Oh, and my laptop!

: what are your top three travel tips?

1. Travel light so you never have to check in luggage and don’t bother to take your liquids out of your bag at security. Waste of time. 99 times out of a hundred they don’t stop you.

2.  If you’re staying in a hotel for any length of time, go to a supermarket and take out all the hotels mini bar items and use the fridge for your own stuff. At the end of your trip simply put all their stuff back in. You’ll save a fortune. And don’t let them give you the skinflint look. They shouldn’t be such robbing bastards!

3. Don’t get stressed out, go with the flow, enjoy the journey.

: The worst

: what’s been your worst travel nightmare?

One time I got out of a cab at New York’s JFK airport, got my luggage out if the boot and went into the terminal only to realize I’d left my hand luggage in the back of the taxi. It had everything in it. My passport, wallet, flight ticket, money, phone. Everything! I was stranded without and money, form of ID, and any means of calling anybody. Luckily, this was pre 9/11 so I was able to speak with the Virgin staff who eventually got me to their Lounge and helped me get home via the British Embassy. I had to spend 36 hours there in the Lounge but to be honest, I’ve slept in a lot worse places!

: what’s the worst hotel you’ve stayed in? where? why?

Oh God, I’ve stayed some shockers. But there’s one establishment in Aberdeen during a cold winter in the 90s that particularly springs to mind. An inoperative radiator wasn’t a good start. The flowery wallpaper hanging from the walls where damp had taken hold didn’t brighten the mood. And the pubes in the bed didn’t help either. To make matters worse, there was a sour faced receptionist who muttered “soft southern bastard” under his breath when I asked about the lack of heating. An altogether brutal affair. Made Fawlty Towers look like The Ritz!

: What’s the worst experience you’ve had at customs/ Immigration (ever been strip searched/ detained/ deported?)

I went to Puerto Rico once and due to my own ignorance, I didn’t realize it was part of the United States. I just presumed as they have their own team at the Olympics that they must be an independent country. Once I was on the flight and they gave out US immigration forms I realized I didn’t have the passport with me that had my US visa in it (I have two passports). No problem I thought, I’ll just explain my mistake at the border, right? Wrong! They carted my off for interrogation, had my finger prints & photo taken. I spent 14 hours in what was little more than a prison cell. It was like next stop Guantanamo. The club’s lawyer  eventually got me out just in time for the show. All this was just after 9/11 so US Border Control was both paranoid & angry.

: what do you love about travelling?

It’s “me” time. When i’m on a plane nobody can get hold of me on the phone or via email so I get to do exactly what I want to do. Which is a rare treat these days. I’m very lucky to be able to travel business class most of the time so eating, drinking, watching movies, reading, listening to music in a comfortable seat is my little oasis away from the world. Most of the time the flights are not long enough!

: What’s been the most frightening experience you’ve had on your DJ trips; ever been robbed/ followed/ threatened?

I woke up in the middle of the night once to find someone stood at the foot of my bed. I was with my wife in Thailand. That was scary. I jumped out of bed and he went off in to the bathroom. When I asked what he was doing he said he was the cleaner. At 3am in the morning?! Turned out that he was prowling the hotel, high on drugs and told the police that he was looking for sex. I laughed until they then added that he was gay!



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September 2011 Radio Therapy Broadcast

Apologies for the delay in uploading this but here’s last month’s Radio Therapy Broadcast which first aired on frisky radio.com on Sept 20th 2011..
  Radio Therapy Broadcast September 2011 by Dave Seaman

Tracklist as follows..

1. Other Lives ‘For 12’ (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
2. Solomun ‘See You Everyday Alone’ [Diynamic]
3. Joe Goddard feat. Valentina ‘Gabriel’ [DFA]
4. Jamie Woon ‘Night Air’ (Jaap Lightart edit)
5. Guy Mantzur & Avi Algranati ‘Toys 4 Boys’
6. Kiko ‘Pool Beach’ [Ideal]
7. Ricky Ryan ‘Mona Moon (Roger Martinez mix)[Vapour]
8. Funk D Void ‘The Duke’ [Outpost]
9. Boys Noize ‘Adonis’ [Cocoon]
10. Sasha feat. Krister Linder ‘Cut Me Down’
11. Spirit Catcher ‘No way Out’ (Jim Rivers remix) [Systematic]
12. Paul Weller ‘Starlite’ (Black Van mix)

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Australian interviews

Whilst I’m happy to say that I don’t ever have to deal with anything approaching a media circus, I have got something of a sideshow going on with all the press commitments for the release of my upcoming Renaissance Masters compilation. Here’s links to two interviews I’ve just done for Pulse Radio and Beat magazine in Melbourne. And believe me, there’s plenty more where these came from. You’ll know everything but my inside leg measurement by the time this campaign is finished!




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