Out Now: Dave Seaman, Darren Emerson & Danny Howells – 3D EP2

3d - EP 2


Danny Howells, Darren Emerson & Dave Seaman’s 3D Project is back on Selador with 3 more original productions from the intrepid trio. 

When three high ranking Acid House Generals world’s collide, the results were bound to produce something special and so it’s proved. 

Coming straight off the back of a highly successful tour of South America and a string of European Festival dates, the legendary threesome pick up where they left off on their debut EP earlier this year with another high calibre release. 

This time Dave paves the way with ‘Rodales’, a huge weapon in his sets over the last few months, it’s all about the prolonged teasing build, distorted melodies and bass drop payoff. All good things come to those who wait! 

Then Darren steps up with the wonderfully titled ‘BUB’, a multi-faceted mystical beast straight out of the leftfield. Balearic Techno anyone? 

And finally, Danny drops a banger in the form of ‘Violencia’, an acid tinged, peak time roller that’ll singe your eyebrows if you stand too close. Hot! 

In a way, the EP neatly encapsulates the 3D project as a whole. Individually, each is a winner in it’s own right but collectively, it’s greater than the sum of its parts. Three is the magic number.

Selador Recordings – All for one and one for all x



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3D Interview & Podcast for Dancing Astronaut

To coincide with their North American Easter Tour, Dave together with his partners in crime Danny Howells and Darren Emerson talked to Dancing Astronaut about all things 3D. Read all about it here >>


Hi guys, tell us what led to the creation of 3D. Whose idea was it and what’s your goal with the project? Plus do you see it as something long-term?
Danny: We’ve all known each other for years, so when we ended up playing together at Ministry we obviously loved it and wanted to take it further, which is where Dave really came into action in terms of tying it all together.
I think we’ve all done so much during our careers that our goals now are to enjoy what we do, as well as getting into some new areas, both geographically and musically, that we might not have strayed into before.
Dave: I suggested branding the night at the Ministry Of Sound as 3D as a bit of a joke initially. I really didn’t expect it to take on a life all of it’s own and turn into an actual thing. But now it is, I think we’ve all realised that it’s going to be a lot of fun travelling and playing together. Who knows where it will all lead. For the moment, we’re really enjoying it and long may that continue.
3D’s creation lead to Danny Howells’ first original material getting released in years. Can we expect more 3D EPs like the last one on Dave’s label Selador coming soon? Plus will the three of you be creating a track together in the coming future?


Danny: I’d taken a massive hiatus from production although I always knew I’d start again when the time was right, and this project gave me the nudge I needed.
Dave: Yeah we were so happy we managed to coerce Dan back into the studio. I think you’ll agree he was ready as his output has already proved, but he just needed a little push. We’re already talking about the next EP and there’s definitely an appetite for us all to do something together at some point. Goodness knows how that will turn out but I look forward to it.
With each of you being a legend in your own right, how difficult was it you adjusting to becoming a team?  What does each of you bring to 3D and how you balance everything out? Plus how are you able to read each other if one of you goes off on a tangent?
Danny: I don’t think any of us see ourselves as being a legend, so when we get in the box together there’s only two goals – play as well as we can and have a blast doing it! There is a musical adjustment to playing as a threesome instead of solo, but we always pick our sets to pieces afterwards to see what worked and what didn’t, and how we can make it better next time.
I think we’re all capable of going off on tangents, but as we usually wind up doing just two or three tracks each, we tend to stay in check!
With such a history of success behind you all, what motivates you to continue pushing things forward and searching for new audiences?


Danny: For me it still boils down to the buzz I get from playing the tunes I adore to people who hopefully enjoy them as much as I do. And even on those nights that aren’t a raging success, I still get off on hearing my favourite tracks on a big system.


Darren: I’ve been doing this for 30 years now and never get tired of seeing the reactions big tunes get on the dance floor. I still love discovering new producers and searching for the perfect beat. Guess you could say it’s become a life-long habit.     
You’re touring the States soon. Will you be creating a special playlist for the shows? Or just ‘freestyling’?
Danny: We tend look at each gig..room size, set time etc to get a rough idea of what we’ll do, whether we go straight in with the bangers or whether we’ve got time to work through the genres a bit. There’s no planning as such, and we tweak things up during the night if we feel it needs it.
We’re all very honest with each other and tell each other afterwards exactly what we thought. Our post gig autopsies are pretty epic!
Dave: I think part of the fun is the spontaneity. Not really knowing where each of us might take the narrative keeps us all on our toes. Being slightly out of our comfort zones is stimulating and as all of us have been DJing longer than we care to remember, I think we’re relishing the challenge.
fb_preview copy
If you each had to choose one track from your repertoire that you had to play at every gig the rest of your lives, which would it be?


Danny: Damn this is a hard one! If I had to choose one of my own songs then I’d maybe go for “Laid Out”, purely because I’ve already played it out so many times and never got bored of it.  If it was someone else’s tune then maybe something like “Accadian” by The Mole, or Jimpster’s old remix of Robert Babicz, for the same reason. I’ve absolutely rinsed those.


Darren: I’ve always loved Speedy J’s – Rise. Still sounds fresh today. 
Dave: One of mine you mean? I’d probably go with ‘Nightfalls’. It’s very easy to get bored of your own productions, especially when you spend so long in the studio making them but I  never seem to get bored of that one, largely due to the timeless vocal by Gaelle Adisson if I’m honest.
What are other stuff are you guys doing for the rest of the year? Plus are there any special projects you want to talk about?


Danny: We have a load of 3D gigs lined up which I’m really looking forward to, as well as further studio escapades as discussed before.
I’m cracking on with the production, with my next release coming out in the next month or so, as well as keeping busy with the activism stuff I do when at home and trying, but not always succeeding, to stay out of trouble!


Darren: I’ve got some remixes coming out soon for DJ Hell on his International Deejay Gigolos imprint, plus there’s one for Gus Gus and also another one coming soon for Glenn Morrison on his Fall From Grace label.  DJ feedback has been great for all of them, so am looking forward to them seeing the light of day.  I’ve also got some collabs on the way, including another one with John Digweed and Nick Muir. Tracer got a lot of traction, so we were all really pleased with the results.   
Dave: My focus for the next couple of months is on my label, Selador’s 5th Birthday. We’ve got 24 artists making exclusive collaboration tracks together that we’re releasing as 3 separate EPs and launching the whole thing at Watergate in Berlin at the end of April. It’s gonna be a big statement project for us. We’re really proud of it. I’ve also got releases lined up on AFFKT’s Sincopat label and Alex Niggemann’s Soul Fooled, plus remixes for Martin Eyerer & Tim Engelhardt. It’s going to be a busy year.
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3D EP Out Now on Selador

3d e.p.3-5Something that started out as a bit of fun between 3 long time friends has quickly taken on a life all of it’s own as Danny Howells, Dave Seaman & Darren Emerson’s 3D project continues to gather pace.

Following their first gig together at the Ministry Of Sound in London one year ago, the intrepid trio have already left their mark on some of the best clubs in the World and now embark on their first release together as each contributes an original production to this EP.

‘Earthlings X’ is Danny Howells first new original music in 6 years. He readily admits it has been this project that has been the catalyst in inspiring him to return to the studio and promises this is just the start of things to come. It carries all the hallmarks of the Howells sound. Deep and sophisticated, steadily increasing in intensity before you unwittingly find yourself enveloped in a cocoon of warm electronic goodness. Danny & the feel good factor – if that’s not a band name waiting to happen we don’t know what is?! Spot the sample anyone?

Selador’s very own Dave Seaman then returns to the label with another wonderfully titled outing in ’Hired State Of Unconsciousness’ but don’t be fooled by the play on words of Josh Wink’s classic, this is no peak time acid banger. On the contrary. Revolving around an incessant bassline and ‘Mind, Body Soul’ vocal motif, it’s charm lies in it’s repetitive funk. Time to get your groove on.

Darren Emerson has stepped up his musical output quite considerably over the last 12 months with an impressive string of high profile releases for the likes of Carl Cox’s Intec and John Digweed’s Bedrock and that’s all set to continue as he opens his account for 2018 with ‘Brooklyn’. A sharp-as-a-knife, funky techno workout with a relentless, unswerving energy. Hands up, heads down material.

3D – all for one and one for all!

Team Selador – En garde!



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From Glastonbury to Berlin – Summer Has landed!

The summer season landed with a bang last week as Dave played not only arguably the best festival in the world (twice!) but also three of the best clubs in the world too with yet more to come this week and next.

Kicking off at the legendary Glastonbury Festival at John Digweed’s Bedrock party alongside Darren Emerson, Danny Howells and John himself was just a taste of things to come for the week ahead. A packed out Spaceport lapping it up until the small hours as the festival came out of the traps at one helluva pace. Glastonbury is the most awesome of festivals. A weekend which every music lover should experience at least once. The thing is, once you’ve had a taste for it, you’ll want to be back every year.

The Bedrock Glastonbury crew getting the party started

Next up was a flying visit to Greece on the Saturday for the best summer club in Athens, Bolivar Beach Bar where Dave DJ’ed together with Blondish, Phonique, Sharam Jey and more before swiftly returning to Glastonbury on the Sunday for a Festival closing set in the Glade Area with his Selador Recordings label partner, Steve Parry. As weekend’s go, they really don’t come much finer.


What a weekend- Vodka jellies in the Sunday afternoon sunshine dancing to Nile Rogers & Chic

No rest for the wicked though as Wednesday brought the second Selador’ Recordings party at Watergate in Berlin. A complete sell out at one of Berlin’s longest running and respected clubs, Dave & Steve were joined by the label’s Florian Kruse & Justin Massei for a night to remember. There areno cameras allowed though in Watergate so you’ll just have to take our word for it. Or even better, get yourself to our next gig there later this year. Watch this space.

Then it was on to Northern Ireland for the legendary Lush who are in the midst of their 21st birthday celebrations. Ahead of our next Lush Classical gig at the SSE Arena in Belfast in October which is already over 80% sold out, this was the perfect warm up as Dave joined fellow Global Underground legends Timo Maas and Darren Emerson for a big night out on the beautiful Irish coastline. As the good people of Lush like to put it… “Oi, Oi Oi f****ing Oi!”


Treble trouble – The GU boys Dave, Darren Emerson & Timo Mass are back in town at Lush, Portush, Northern Ireland. 

And it doesn’t stop there either. With two more appearances scheduled with Darren Emerson & Danny Howells as part of their ongoing 3D project, Dave hits the esteemed Rex Club in Paris and Latitude Festival in the next two weeks. Plus further trips to Greece and Canada are also lined up. And all of that is before August even arrives! Summer 2017 is looking hot 😉

3D at Glasto

3D – Dave with Darren Emerson & Danny Howells ahead of their forthcoming 3D summer shows together

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Paul Rutherford ‘Get Real’ 2013 Remixes out now on Selador Recordings

SEL004 ArtworkThe 1988 release ‘Get Real’ by Paul Rutherford ranks amongst the most seminal of acid house classics. Highlighted by many as a one of the very best of the genre, with the likes of Josh Wink, Christian Smith, Danny Howells and Paul Woolford all ranking it amongst their all time favourites, here at Selador we felt it high time to resurrect this gem and bring it to the attention of the new generation. Needless to say, we had some of the very best production talent in the world queueing up to offer their remixing services but in the end, it was Darren Emerson, Just Be Bushwacka & Pete Gooding that secured the honour and the results are nothing short of remarkable. From Darren’s monster new techno remake to Bushwacka’s faithful rolling techy tribute and Pete’s contemporary deep melodic anthem, every interpretation has been handled with the upmost love and care. Selador Recordings are proud to present Paul Rutherford’s ‘Get Real’ 2013 style. Miss this at your peril!



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