Radio Therapy Broadcast – April 2017

Listen again to the April 2017 edition of Dave’s long running Radio Therapy Show, this month featuring the likes of Depeche Mode, Leftfield, H.O.S.H, Patrice Baumel & Skream. Turn it up! 😉


1. Maxxi Soundsystem ‘Phoenix Under The Tree’ [Moda Black]

2. Definition ‘Drums & Arps’ (Athea) [Hive]

3. Third Son ‘Anno Domino'[Noir]

4. Depeche Mode ‘Where’s The Revolution’ (Patrice Baumel) [Columbia]

5. H.O.S.H ‘Karma’ [Diynamic]

6. Stelios Vassiloudis ‘Sierra Alpha Victor’ [Selador]

7. John Monkman ‘Xailo’ [Rebellion]

8. Huxley ‘Harissa’ [Knee Deep In Sound]

9. Leftfield ‘Open Up’ (Skream) [Sony]

10. OC & Verde ‘Solstice’ [Viva]

11. Fur Coat ‘Transcendental’ [Last Night On Earth]

12. Christian Hornbostel ‘L7 130’ (Skober) [Kling Klong]

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Justin Massei ‘Sideways Eight’ EP Out Now On Selador

justin massei - sideways eight-4It’s back to Berlin next for Selador as Justin Massei returns to the fray with his Sideways Eight EP.

Comprising of two originals alongside remixes from fellow Berliner and Watergate resident, Ruede Hagelstein and our favourite Spaniard, Sincopat boss, Affkt, it’s proper late night business abound.

Deeper & darker than the Mariana Trench. No cameras allowed. See you on the other side.

Team Selador – Open all hours  X

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – March 2017

Listen again to the March 2017 edition of Dave’s Radio Therapy show, now in it’s seventh year and broadcasting to over 600,000 listeners every month across 80 stations worldwide. It’s nothing the good stuff. Guaranteed. Enjoy :-)


1. Lee Van Dowski ‘Tale Of Ordinary Madness’ [Crosstown Rebels]

2. Eagles & Butterflies ‘Experiment E’ [Art Imitating Life]

3. BOg ‘Moonlight’ [Bedrock]

4. Pirupa ‘D3’ [Suara]

5. Blancah ‘Urutau’ (Tom Peters) [Stereoyoke]

6. Massaya ‘Borderline’ (Johannes Brecht) [Chapter 24]

7. King Unique ‘Sugarhigh’ (Dee Montero)

8. Soulform ‘Synesthesia’ (Dave Seaman) [B Tech Noir]

9. Frankyeffe ‘Never Back’ [Terminal M]

10. Justin Massei ‘Sideways Eight’ (Affkt) [Selador]

11. Kerrier District ‘Techno Disco’ (KiNK) [Hypercolour]

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Marc DePulse & Several Definitions ‘Birds & Lions’ EP Out Now on Selador

birds&lions smallerNext up from Selador, two producers who are no strangers to the label join forces for a double helping of unmitigated dance floor devastation, Marc DePulse & Several Definitions

This formidable pairing comes straight out of the top drawer with both original tracks ‘Birds’ & ‘Lions’ vying for your attention. Two modern melodic triumphs that blur the lines between genres but never deviate from their primary purpose, turning heads and moving dance floors in equal measures.

Additional interpretations come from Geordie producer Simon Jobe who tackles Birds with his usual aplomb. A mix of two halves, the majesty of the set up giving way to the raw bassline driven energy for the second act. When opposites attract.

Meanwhile, Belgian duo, Raw District get to work on ‘Lions’ providing a Techier work out which builds on the simplicity of interwoven synth patterns and intensifies with a symphony of snare fills. Authentic House, good and proper.

And that boys and girls, is how we do things.

Selador Recordings – who’s yer daddy?


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Marc Marzenit – Death Espiral (Dave Seaman Remix) – Out Soon

Dave’s remix for Marc Marzenit’s ‘Death Espiral’ finally sees the light of day this month as part of a bumper package of remixes from his ‘To Love Until We Sat Goodbye’ album. The project also features remixes by Dosem, Several Definitions, The White Shadow and Rafael Cerato on Henry Saiz’s Natura Sonoris imprint and is due for release on March 17th. Support already coming thick and fast from Kolsch, Sasha, Danny Tenaglia, D-Nox and more. Listen to the preview here>>

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – February 2017

Listen again to 60 more minutes of the good stuff courtesy of Dave’s Radio Therapy Broadcast now reaching over 600,000 listeners every month across over 80 stations worldwide…


1. Bonobo feat. Nick Murphy ‘No Reason’

2. Nicolas Masseyeff ‘Invidia’ [Diversions]

3. And.Id ‘Diablada’ [Culprit]

4. Acumen ‘Femme Fatale’ [Selador]

5. Just Her feat. Kieran Fowkes ‘On The Low’ (Pirupa) [Selador]

6. Doctor Dru ‘Savannah’ [Jeudi]

7. Undercatt ‘Parade’ [Diynamic]

8. DJ Yellow ‘Ride The Rhythm’ (Ian Pooley) [Compost Black]

9. Oxia ‘Domino’ (Frankey & Sandrino) [Sapiens]

10. Animal Trainer ‘Endor’ [Mobilee]

11. Marc DePulse & Several Definitions ‘Birds’ [Selador]

12. The XX ‘Violent Noise’ (Dave Seaman) [Young Turks]

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Interview With DMC World Mag about New 3D Nights


Together with long time friends Danny Howells & Darren Emerson, Dave recently launched a new series of events under the 3D umbrella kicking off at The Gallery at Ministry Of Sound, London. Just before the gig, the three perpetrators spoke with DMC World Magazine about the concept..

Dave, how and when did the brilliant idea of 3D surface between yourself, Danny Howells and Darren Emerson? 

DAVE: Danny and I had played together at The Gallery at the Ministry last year and had a great time so when we were invited back and asked who we thought would be good to join us on the line up, Darren instantly sprung to mind. We’ve all been good friends for a long time but have actually never played together before so this will be a first. We hope the first of many.

It’s a great name, come on who thought of it?

DAVE: I’ve got to take credit for that that one. It was kinda obvious really. With Danny, Dave and Darren, the threes Ds just jumped off the page. Besides, we couldn’t really have gone with our surnames as ‘SHE’ didn’t really have the same ring to it!

Darren, all three of you are constantly zipping around the world, the chances of you being in the same place at the same time must be pretty remote in the past?

DARREN: Every now and again we will cross paths. Dave & I have DJ’d together a couple of times around the world recently. I think the last time we were together at a gig was in Bogota.It doesn’t happen much though so this is a great excuse to get together as we’re all good mates ..It’s gonna be a good one for sure.

Danny, how will the actual performance work? Have you had a chat about who plays when and who plays what or are you going to freestyle it?

DANNY: The best thing about playing together with mates is that, 99% of the time, you work it all out on the night. If it’s a long night you might start off with half an hour each, then decide to switch it up and do tracks each or one track each. It keeps it exciting and spontaneous and you can react to how the crowd are feeling it.

Dave, what is about Danny and Darren’s music, style and playing made you safe in the knowledge that 3D would work?

DAVE: Well we’ve all known each other for a long time which I think counts for a lot. And even though we all have a slightly different style, we were all part of the Global Underground series and know each others music well enough to be able to dovetail relatively easily. More than anything, experience is what we have on our side.

Who do you think has the biggest rider between the three Ds?

DANNY: Ha! I bet mine’s the smallest! 😉 The most important thing for me is a decent set up and monitoring. There’s nothing worse than not being able to hear what you’re doing. Thankfully, I’ve never had an issue at Ministry, which is one of the best systems to play on in the world.

Darren, what are the plans for 3D, will we see you perform at festivals and Ibiza maybe this year?

DARREN: I certainly think 3D has legs and I’m sure the MOS gig will be the 1st of many. We’d obviously love to take it to a few festivals and Ibiza. It’s still early days of course but watch this space.

What are the 3 biggest tunes in your box this weekend, please give us a few words on each…

DAVE: Well I’m gonna go with a bit of shameless self promotion here and say my new remix of The XX called ’Violent Noise’ from their fantastic new album and also the new release on my label, Selador by Just Her called ‘On The Low’ which is a big vocal anthem. And then maybe the new remix of Oxia’s classic ‘Domino’ by Frankey & Sandrino. That’s been getting a great reaction recently everywhere I’ve played it.

Where have been the 3 ‘stand out gigs’ over the winter months?

DARREN: I’ve just got back from a tour in Japan and had a blast as always. I played at Womb in Tokyo and it was absolutely rocking. Circus in Osaka was a great gig too. I love Osaka. It’s a great club with a cool crowd. I’ve also started a Detone night in The Arch in Brighton and our nights have been superb. Alan Fitzpatrick and James Zabelia were both amazing. We have Art Department next Saturday. So yes, the Winter months have been great.

3 up and coming producers to watch out for this summer?

DAVE: Oh god, only 3?!! There’s always tonnes of producers that are blowing up. Where to start? Undercatt, Moonwalk, Doctor Dru, Hyenah, Paride Saraceni, Clavis, Drunken Kong, Bastian Bux, Kotelett & Zadak. How’s that for starters?

And finally, dance music in 2017. Are we good in a place?

DANNY: In an amazingly good place. I don’t really follow producers or labels like I would have done, say, 10 years ago. Whatpeopleplay is the joint where I buy the bulk of my music and I like to just go in there blind, listening to every track on every new release without paying attention to who it’s by and where it came from. It’s time consuming but for me it’s one of the most joyous parts about what we do. For each weekend I’ll find at least 100 tracks that I love from the deepest, almost ambient house to full throttle techno. The only downside is that I don’t get to play every single one.

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Just Her Feat. Kieran Fowkes ‘On The Low’ Out Now On Selador

just her - on the low-smallerClaire Spooner, aka Just Her, has been part of the Selador family for a couple of years now. Having already contributed two remixes as part of the Him_Self_Her duo as well as DJ’ing at one of our nights at Space Ibiza last summer, we’re delighted she’s now let us become custodians of one of her original productions, the heavenly ‘On The Low’.

Featuring her long time collaborator, Kieran Fowkes, this vocal gem is a sophisticated affair. A lesson in restrained electronic elegance. A modern day anthem to lost love. No wonder we had remixers queuing up to get their hands on it!

Italian producer Pirupa has been on our hit list for what seems like forever but the proverb that all good things come to those who wait plays out perfectly here. A punchy peak time big hitter.

Christian Prommer is another producer we’ve admired for a long time so we’re over the moon he also agreed to add his midas touch to proceedings. His distinctively Teutonic signature sound proves a perfect fit.

Finally, Athea maybe a new name to some but anyone who’s familiar with his recent work for Knee Deep In Sound will already be aware of his prodigious talent. A straight up tech house winner.

It’s quite possibly our strongest package to date. A statement of intent for the year ahead. Stand by your inboxes.

Team Selador 2017 – bossing it!


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Selador Showcase – The Fourth Dimension – Part Two – Out Now

selador showcase smallerHot on the heels of it’s elder sibling Part One, we’re very happy to now bring you the second volume of this thrilling two parter. Seven more dance floor delights from the Showcase treasure chest.

Label boss Steve Parry gets proceedings underway with ‘Luna’. Our man doesn’t release much music as he’s notoriously fussy, so we’re delighted he finally deemed this one worthy by his own lofty standards. ‘Luna’ is a hommage to his own Liverpool based parties and fuses housier elements with plenty of drive, roof raising stabs and his hallmark sprinkling of acid for good measure too. It’s a biggie!

The legendary Jaydee then steps up with ‘Basemento’. A bit of a coup for Selador as the Dutchman’s releases are probably rarer than Steve’s! Here we find a throbbing, bass driven, peak time slab of energy that will have you on the first train to Gurnsville quicker than you can say double drop.

Another dance music legend is next as Wally Lopez drops ‘Focused’. This may raise a few eyebrows as it’s a bit of a left turn from the Spaniard’s recent productions. Here he shows his darker side. Melodic and punchy but with a serious kick.. You’ve been warned.

Label favourite Joal returns after his recent ‘Magician’ release with ‘Eskimo’. Trippy and bubbly but with a composed posture, it’s the arp line that emerges into the dominant force here. Quirky and cool as always from this fine producer, it’s a head melter.

Another Selador debut follows as SQL lands a floaty yet ballsey gem in the form of ‘Phoenix’. The Dutch gent has been on our radar since day one so we were delighted when this winner landed in our inbox. Infectious, tinkling melodies are order of the day, but offset by a moody undertone. Crackerjack.

Ibizan based Alice Clark perked our ears right up when we heard ‘Chaser (Six.AM Remix)’. Channelling a retro underground Detroit house feel yet still sounding ultra fresh, this has been road tested by us many times and always delivers the goods without fail.

Rounding things off is Romanian producer, Punu. We were tipped off on this track by our mutual friend, André Hommen and it turns out he knew us well as we love it! Skippy beats reminiscent of Black Coffee collide with layer upon layer of rollercoaster melodies. Top notch.

It’s 2017 Seladorian style. The shape of things to come.


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