Radio Therapy Broadcast – October 2014

Listen again to my latest radio show which premieres exclusively on on the third Tuesday of every month. Enjoy!

Tracklist as follows..

1. &ME ‘After Dark’ (Brian Cid Private Remix) [Keinemusik]

2. Smash TV ‘World Wide What’ [Hive Audio]

3. The White Shadow ‘Flying’ [Tenampa]

4. Nicolas Massayeff ‘Vero’ [Herzblut]

5. Sven Vath ‘L’Esperanza’ (Amé)[Cocoon]

6. Dave Seaman ‘Justified Replacement Of Lulu’ (Cristoph)[Selador]

7. Kamara & Microvibez ‘Arina’ (Oliver Lieb) [Sudbeat]

8. Marc Romboy ‘Hypernova’ [Systematic]

9. Stan Ritch ‘No Role’ [Sintope]

10. Vince Watson ‘Sonar’ [Poker Flat]

11. Hot Since 82 ‘Womb’ [Knee Deep In Sound]

12. Francesco Yates ‘Call’ (Jonas Rathsman) [Atlantic]

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My interview with the Monday Social, Los Angeles

I did an interview with the Monday Social crew in Los Angeles ahead of my gig there. This is how it went..

01. What was your first introduction to Electronic music? 
I think New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ in 1983 was the first real electronic track to make a huge impact on me. That was like a record from outer space, that really changed things. I think it’s still the biggest selling twelve inch vinyl track of all time. In the same way Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ did in 1977, although I was a little young to appreciate the importance of that one at the time.
02. Do you remember your first gig in Los Angeles? If so what was your impression of the scene and how has it changed over the years?
Kind of. It would have been 1998 or 1999 at a very Trance orientated gig. I think Paul Oakenfold was on the same bill if I’m not mistaken. At the time, New York was the dominant city in US clubbing and LA was lagging behind but that soon changed post millennium with Spundae at Circus becoming one of the best nights in the country for me.
03. Do you recall your last gig with Monday Night Social? What do you remember about the vibe of its crowd and what do you hope to see at your upcoming show.
I think it was 2004 with Phil K on our Therapy Sessions US Tour of that year and I remember it being a fantastic night. I couldn’t believe the energy for a Monday. MNS has got to be the best Monday night gig in the world outside of Ibiza, right? I’ve been since, but not to DJ. The last time I was there was probably 5 ago though. Infact, I haven’t played in LA for almost 4 years, it was December 2010, the last time with Nick Warren at The Music Box, so I’m really looking forward to coming back. 
04. You came up in an era where Dj’s could be Dj’s and truly focus on their craft.. Tell a story with there set.. so to say.. Now today’s Dj is not just a Dj.. They are a producer, marketing manager, night club curator, social scientist and artistic director.. Do you feel that the general populous of professional dj’s have evolved to a level where they can handle all this and still turn out a performance that is captivating, intellectual and ultimately a magical music journey.. Or have people been forced to wear too many hats and ultimately the music and mixing has suffered.. 
I don’t think you can generalise. There are some people who are very good at wearing multiple hats and other’s not os much. And there’s many other factors that have contributed to the loss of the so- called ‘journey’ on a night out clubbing. The smoking ban for one played a major part as dance floor’s a so much more transient than they ever were back in the day. Technology is another big distraction. Everyone’s got a camera these days on their phone and social media addiction tends to take people out of the moment. But yes, I can see your point to a certain extent. I certainly know how many other demands there are on my time theses days than there ever used to be so of course that limits the amount of time you can put in to the your actual performance preparation. I think the key is to have a good team around you. DJing is rarely a one man show these days.
05. Do you find time to listen to other DJ’s mixes? If so who are some artists you enjoy listening to?
Very rarely these days to be honest. With so much new music coming out on a weekly basis, it’s nigh on impossible just to keep on top of that to have to time to keep a breast of what anybody else is doing. Any free time I have to listen to other artists music would be spent listening to other styles of music outside electronic. I think it’s really healthy not to get totally caught up in the bubble and keep your listening habits varied.
06. What Dj’s and artists have influenced your career?
Graeme Park & Mike Pickering at the Hacienda in Manchester in the late 80s. That’s where I really cut my clubbing teeth and they were hugely inspirational. Sasha as well was just breaking through at that time and was a big influence.
07. What are 3 Dj’s or producers that you enjoy and think others should know about?  
At the moment, Maceo Plex is killing it for me. Dixon is also a big favourite and Hot Since 82. Then there’s some amazing new guys coming through like Fur Coat, Mind Against, Mano Le Tough and Mario Basanov. There’s loads actually. I could easily fill your page up with a list of super talented names.
08. You have traveled the globe for many years top in your game. Dj’ing at the biggest clubs, festivals and private events. You have been the editor at Mixmag and ran your own record labels.. A Renaissance man so to speak ;)  Is there anything you haven’t done in your music career that you would like to or plan on doing in the future? 
I’d like to get back into doing more songwriting. More pop music but with depth. Similar to the work I was involved with for Kylie Minogue in the 1990s. I suppose the kind of stuff the likes of Lorde, Banks and FKA Twigs are making now… still based in the electronic world but not solely aimed at the dance floor. And I will write a book one day. I’ve got many good stories that need to be told, it would be rude not to! ;-)
09. Your record label Selador has been putting out some monster tunes. With some favorites like Naughty Forest (Nicolas Masseyeff remix) , your remix of My Escape and Visions by SEFF. What are some key things you look for in the music your label release? Sound, Vibe, Genre.. 
We don’t have any hard and fast rules, just whatever grabs our attention and moves us in some way. We’re trying to keep a good variety to what we release too. There’s a lot of great labels out there but a lot tend to be one trick ponies that are really good at one thing. We have bigger ambitions than that. Maybe one day we’ll be able to release material by the likes of the artists I mentioned before when talking about songwriting. We’d love to sign some of those.
10. You went to Burning Man for the first time this year. How was the experience and do you plan on going back?
Oh, it was amazing. I’m definitely planning to make a habit of it. I just can’t believe I left it so long to finally get there. It really is like nothing else. Like Salvador Dali curated a rave on the combined sets of Mad Max & Star Wars with seemingly endless supplies of inspirational music. Needless to say, I had an absolute blast.


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Jimmy Van M, Luxor T & 3LIAS ‘Da Goom’ Out now on Selador Recordings

SEL_016 Da Goom


And they just keep on coming. One Selador bomb release follows another. For SEL016, as it’s affectionately known behind the scenes, we present a new production team comprising of three very talented individuals.

Many of you will already be familiar with the one they call Jimmy Van M, an esteemed DJ and producer of note for many years with a plethora of releases to his name for such luminaries as Bedrock & the Balance Series.

The second component of this formidable trio is Luxor T, a Buenos Aires based producer who’s been steadily carving out a reputation for himself through his releases on the likes of Bedrock & Parquet Recordings and remixes for Guy J & Marco Bailey to name just two.

And the final piece of the production jigsaw is Elias Merheb under his 3lias alias. (See what we did there?) Elias is another ‘one to watch’ having learned his trade and crafted his art as resident DJ at one of the Middle East’s most renowned clubs, the legendary BO18 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Together they bring us ‘Da Goom’.  A room shaking slab of high grade Techno presented in two variations, both equally deadly in their own right. The ‘Original Mix’ is pure futuristic mayhem. Death Star Techno for androids on acid. Main room madness that’s set to destroy.

It’s little sister ‘The Dub’ plays the supporting role to a proverbial tee. Altogether subtler, the guys plough a a less frantic course with housier undertones but still plenty of techno flavouring. It’s one of those genre blurring beauties that give us such a headache when choosing Beatport categories. Some tracks just don’t like being pigeonholed.

The first of three big remixes comes courtesy of Mr Arjun Vagale. Hot on the heels of his recent releases for Tronic & Herzblut, India’s leading Techno exponent has gone as far as to suggest that this his favourite remix he’s ever done and who are we to argue? A perfectly on point piece of work.

Next up Selador homeboy Seff turns in another speaker busting serving of authentic acid house. Fresh and raw like good sushi but with a nod and a wink to the halcyon days of the late 80s, this is Seff doing what Seff does best and we that’s why we love him.

And finally, the label’s very own Steve Parry delivers on his promise of not leaving it another 5 years between remixes as he comes all guns blazing with the peak time goodness. A relentless tech house workout to leave you breathless. Look out.

And that about sums it all up. I think we’ve said our piece. What’s your story?

Selador crew


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The ‘Three Ghosts’ Remix EP Out Now On Tulipa Recordings



I’m delighted to say the long awaited remixes of my previously released tracks for Tulipa Recordings, ‘The Holy Ghost’ and ‘Everything Comes In Threes’ (with One Million Toys) are finally out for your delectation and receiving a rapturous reception.


A total of 4 remixes made the cut with contributions from D Nox & Beckers, Dousk, Kaiser Souzai & Alex Young, all of whom did fantastic jobs. Thank you to one and all. First class sonic surgery.


You can check them out and leave feedback here…

And purchase your copy here..

Go get ‘em people ;-)



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Robert Babicz ‘One Day We’ll All Be Happy’ EP – Out Now On Selador Recordings

babicz 2For episode fifteen in the ever snowballing Selador adventure we are very happy to welcome back to the fold, the one, the only Sir Robert of Babicz.

Having played such a central role in the label’s development over the last 12 months by blessing us with one of our best sellers in the exquisite ‘Rosegarden’ and delivering one of our finest remixes with his interpretation of Paul Rutherford’s ‘Get Real’, Robert now returns with 4 brand new original tracks that showcase the wide range of his masterful sound.

For our money, the lead track of this EP, the majestic  ‘One Day We’ll All Be Happy’ is one of Robert’s best for some time. Centered around one simple yet so devastatingly effective riff that rolls and rolls, round and round, working it’s way effortlessly into your subconscious. A monster by anyone’s standards!

Then its time to ramp up the intensity as Robert dons his 303 cap for some throbbing acid in the form of the aptly titled ‘Massive’. Already road tested heavily on his tour dates, this is the one that sends the dance floor into a real frenzy. Get ready for the breakdown people. Next up it’s time to get dark and dirty with another bad boy that goes under the name of ‘Turn Around My Friend’. Relentlessly rough ‘n ready and uncompromisingly bass heavy, one for the gold toof brigade innit!

And last but by no means least, we find Robert in lighter mood for the elegantly lilting sound of ‘Tonefabrik’. Bursting with balmy balearic flavours yet restrained, self assured and composed. A slice of serenity.

And there you have it. We’ll always remember meeting Robert for the first time on a car journey on our way to the same gig in deepest Turkey and when the driver asked what stye of music he played he simply replied, Babicz style!  Say no more.

Selador Recordings – Purveyors of the finest underground house and techno since forever!



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Radio Therapy Broadcast – September 2014

Listen again to my latest radio show which premieres on the third Tuesday of every month exclusively on Frisky Radio and then syndicated to 70 stations worldwide. Spread the word. Enjoy!

Tracklist as follows..

1. Him Self Her ‘Love Like You Used To (Dub)’ [Crosstown Rebels]

2. Christian Loeffler ‘All Comes’ (Mind Against) [Young Alaska]

3. Jesper Ryom ‘Aviator’ (La Fleur) [Power Plant]

4. Soul Button & Sasch ‘Unfold’ (Nick Devon)[Steyoyoke]

5. Coyu ‘Just Nin’ (Andre Lodemann) [Suara]

6. Fur Coat ‘U Turn’ [Crosstown Rebels]

7. Few Nolder ‘If’ [Connaisseur]

8. Cari Lekebusch & Zoe Xenia ‘Crazy’ [Monique Music]

9. Robert Babicz ‘One Day We’ll All Be Happy’ [Selador]

10. Who Made Who ‘Heads Above’ (Maceo Plex Dub)[Ellum]

11. Adam Beyer ‘Teach Me’ [Drumcode]


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Radio Therapy Broadcast – August 2014

Listen again to my latest radio show which premieres the third Tuesday of every month exclusively on

Spread the word, Enjoy!

Tracklist as follows..

1. Banks ‘Drowning’ (Tom Demac) [Harvest]

2. Danny O & Kellie Allen ‘Rewind & Play’ (Probably Me) [Mindwarp]

3. Luca Cazal ‘Mariri’ (Stacey Pullen) [Crosstown Rebels]

4. Hermanez ‘Innersphere’ [Leena]

5. Dave Seaman ‘Distraction Tactics’ [Sullivan Room]

6. Alex Niggeman ‘Earth Symphony’ [Last Night On Earth]

7. Melokolektiv ‘Left Out’ [Selador]

8. Lehar ‘Sargas’ (Mario Basanov) [Connaissuer]

9. Climbers ‘Big City Lights’ [Selador]

10. Laurent Garnier ‘Enchanted’ [Hypercolour]



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My First Burning Man

Hot off the plane from Burning Man Festival, Dave Seaman regales Mike Boorman at  with what it was like to party on in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for the very first time..

Burning Man at night

Dave Seaman has seen a lot of things in his time, but nothing quite like what he saw last week at Burning Man Festival. He was one of the main men at clubbing institution Renaissance, he toured the US with Cream when they were taking over the world, and more recently he has been conquering Beatport with his label Selador but this man was absolutely humbled by it all. 

So tell me Dave, from the top… Burning Man: discuss!

I arrived at Reno airport on Monday night to the news that it had all shut down on Monday because they had some rain, and everything grinds to a halt because the rain basically turns the sand and dust to concrete, so I had to stay in a hotel at the airport. I only actually got to the festival on Tuesday.

You know, I was just thinking about this before, when I knew we were gonna do this interview… ‘how do you describe it?’, but it’s basically indescribable! It is like nothing else – it really is. No matter how many videos or pictures you’ve seen, nothing can prepare you for it.

I guess the best way I can describe it is if you can imagine taking the vibe and spirit of Glastonbury on the dance side of things, like Shangri-La and Block 9, mix it up with some day-time Ibiza partying, and then put all that on the moon! It really is that barren and desolate. Feed all that through a Salvador Dali dream and you’re not even close! 


Then you’re just surrounded by all these mad sights, like these art cars… it’s like Mad Max crossed with Whacky Races! It’s something I’ll remember forever, and I’m already planning on going next year. I only really scratched the surface being there for two days.

Mad max car Burning Man

BM Fish Art Car
It Just sounds insane.

Bonkers, absolutely bonkers. You know, the day I arrived, I’d been there twenty minutes and I see Lee Burridge riding past me on a bike, wearing a pink tutu, with a flower and a headband on his head… you don’t see that every day in London. 

He’s one of the kings of Burning Man isn’t he? He’s there every year.

Yeah, he is, he told me it was his favourite week of the year, and it was “Tutu Tuesday” apparently! That was his excuse anyway.

I was playing White Ocean on Tuesday night and also I was playing Opulent Temple on Wednesday morning for the sun rise which was amazing.

Then I went out to see Robot Heart which is one of the most well known  sound systems  there… the sight of 2,000 people dressed in all these crazy outfits… I felt pretty under dressed. I’ll remember to bring my tutu next year! 

It was one of those moments, raving outside at 8:30 in the morning in the desert, with a really cool crowd… it felt like we were raving on the moon – it really did. And there was some great music out there as well – really inspirational music.

 So where were you staying? Were you in a tent?

I was staying at the White Ocean camp on a tour bus – they had cool hospitality in there. They had a load of yurts as well, but they’d got really battered by the rain the day before, so there’d been quite a big rebuilding effort that morning.
Burning Man Art Globe
So with that kind of thing did you sense the community spirit that we all hear about?

Absolutely. And also you go to somewhere like Distrikt and they’re just serving free drinks all day. I don’t know where the money’s coming from! 

I literally didn’t buy anything the entire time I was there. I took some gifts for people and gave them out but no one expects anything back, it’s not like ‘I’ll give you that, you give me this’ – it’s definitely an open thing with giving stuff away and not having to worry about that capitalist mentality that the world kind of revolves around 99.9% of the time.

It just sounds idyllic. I wrote an article on the story behind Carl Cox’s camp this year, and it inspired me to try and get involved with it. A week of rave enlightenment in the desert with Carl Cox!

That’s it! Nirvana! You’d have reached your peak!

Might as well retire after that! So the White Ocean camp you were playing for, were they paying the DJs? 

No. I think pretty much everybody comes to Burning Man and plays for free. I didn’t pay for my ticket, which a lot of DJs do and I was well looked after by the White Ocean camp but I DJ’ed for free and it was absolutely my pleasure. 

And White Ocean was curated by Paul Oakenfold right? Was he there all week?
He arrived on Tuesday night when I was playing. He was playing on Wednesday. It was a different music policy each night. Wednesday was more truancy.  Saturday was more techno etc. They had a really strong group of DJs. With me there were people like Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo, with Oakey there was Above & Beyond & Marcus Schulz etc. Then there was a Techno night with Marco Bailey & Chris Leibing. They had a heck of a lot of people on.

And in terms of production, what was it like?

They built these huge fifty foot archways and had balls of fire Jerry Lee Lewis would have been proud of – just incredible. There was so much mind blowing art there. And near us was The Temple, where people would do all sorts. There were people scattering ashes there, crying, praying, paying their respects… It’s like a non-organised religion, spiritual rave church thing they’ve got going on there. 

image copy 2 White Ocean by day

Just sounds mind-blowing. I think what says it all is how keen you are to go back, so you think you’ll definitely end up playing there next year?

Yes, I’ll be back. Would love to play for White Ocean and Opulent Temple again, but also DistriktCarl Cox’s Playground Experience and Root Society too. I didn’t make my set this time at Root Society due to scheduling. I had to fly out early to make my gig in Colombia.

The best thing I could say about it is that for some people it’s such a mission to get there. People were driving twenty hours from California to get to Reno which is the closest city and it could take another twelve hours from there, and once you get to the outskirts of the camp you might be waiting four hours to get in depending on the size of the queue. So for people to actually do all that and then say, ‘right, I’ll see you next year’ – that says everything.

For me, there were eleven of us cramped together on a ten-seater tour bus with all the luggage all over us for five hours. But once you’ve done it, everyone was already planning next year. You wouldn’t plan to go through all that again unless it was something really out of this world!

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My new single ‘Distraction Tactics’ out now on Sullivan Room Records

SRR Cover - Distarction Tactics II’m very pleased to announce my new single for the New York label, Sullivan Room Records is finally out and about for you to listen, purchase and generally make you feel better about the world ;-)

It’s called ‘Distraction Tactics’ and comes with fantastic remixes from Derek Marin, Lele Sacchi & Will Monotone on what is Part 1 of a planned 2 part release. Further remixes from Zoo Brazil, Spin Science and more will drop in a couple of months.

You can listen to a clip and leave feedback here…

And purchase your copy here…



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Melokolektiv ‘Polaroid EP’ Out Now On Selador Recordings

Melokolektiv SEL014 packshotYou lucky people! The next dispatch from Selador HQ is here and this time comes courtesy of highly regarded French production duo, Melokolektiv. Following recent releases for such respected labels as Crosstown Rebels & Get Physical, Selador are now proud to present a lovingly crafted 4 track EP of class and quality that effortlessly straddles the genres and cements their ever growing reputation as one of the foremost leaders of the new school.

First out of the blocks is the sinister ‘Polaroid’ with it’s hypnotising lead line all drugged up to the eyeballs and basking in raw simplicity. Don’t believe Girls Aloud, this is what the real sound of the underground sounds like! ;-)

The baton then gets passed to ‘Left Out’ for a brooding slice intense darkness that will no doubt  bring the likes of Berghain to it’s knees and have trainspotters everywhere wetting their knickers. Shazam that people!

‘Safari’ is next to step up continuing with the off-kilter drugged up vibes. Opening with layers emotive pads before unfolding into a killer mood setting groove. A stall setting intro track if ever there was one.

And finally bringing home the bacon on the final straight, it’s the moody menace of ‘Oxygen’ with it’s eerie synth beds and seductive bass line that rides on a housier vibe all the way to the finish line taking both tape and glory.

In conclusion, the Selador soundbite department says… A medal winning EP guaranteed to put you on the podium!

Though management prefer.. Dark, deep & dirty. Just the way we we like it ;-)

Over & Out.

The Selador crew


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