Florian Kruse feat. Lazarusman ‘The Proof Of Life’ EP Out Now on Selador




German Producer Florian Kruse makes his full debut on Selador following previous appearances remixing for Several Definitions and as a contributor to our last Showcase compilation.

Here he enlists the South African beat poet, Lazarusman on vocal duties for ‘The Proof Of Life’, an insistent Tech House winner whose DNA traces all the way back to Lil Louis’ electronic benchmark, ‘French Kiss’.

Remixes come courtesy of Italian Paul Ursin who adopts a deeper darker approach while fellow countryman, Paride Saraceni adeptly unlocks the original’s spiritual side.

If it’s proof you need, then look no further.

Team Selador – No doubt



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My July Top 10 for Resident Advisor

1. Sasha ‘Trigonometry’ [Watergate]

2. Affkt ’Sunday Ghost’ (Dave Seaman) [Selador]

3. Lessons ‘Double Or Nothing’ (Magdalena) [Sinnbuss]

4. Florian Kruse ‘Proof Of Life’ (Paul Ursin) [Selador]

5. Eagles & Butterflies ‘Prophet’ [Sapiens]

6. Soulform ’Synesthesia’ (Dave Seaman) [B Tech Noir]

7. Mango & Raoul K ’Toukan’  Dixon Dub [Innervsions]

8. Uner ‘Bahai’ [Solar Distance]

9. The Age Of Love ‘Age Of Love’ (Solomun) [Renaissance]

10. Fur Coat ‘Pulse Width’ [Odd:ity]


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Affkt ‘Sunday Ghost’ EP Out Now On Selador

affkt - sunday ghost-3


Marc Nadal Martinez, aka Affkt (the k is silent by the way), has played a starring role in the Selador story since his debut back in 2014 with several of his tracks and remixes carving their way into the label’s lexicon.

And now the Spaniard returns with another blockbuster in the form of ’Sunday Ghost’, a wonderfully eccentric ride through the outer reaches of electronic galaxy. A spaced oddity that growls and sparkles in equal measures and shows the prolific Sincopat boss at the peak of his imaginative powers.

Remix duties fall to Selador boss Dave Seaman who picks up where he left off on his last remix for Affkt earlier this year, the sublime ‘Between Us’, with another stunner.

Plus there’s an extra special bonus remix too as Huxley dons his Martinet alter ego to deliver a superb rework of Affkt’s contribution to the recent Selador Showcase compilation ‘Cliff’.

Miss this collection of beauties at your peril people.

Team Selador



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Radio Therapy Broadcast – July 2017

Listen again to 60 minutes of the good stuff with your genial host, el hombre del mar, Señor Seaman. This month featuring the likes of &ME, Eagles & Butterflies, Affkt, Yotto, Adana Twins, Fideles, Third Son and more. Knock yourselves out!

1. Manoo & Raoul K ‘Toucan’ )Trikk Dub) [Innervisions]

2. Eagles & Butterflies ‘Prophet’ [Sapiens]

3. &ME ‘The Rapture’ [Keinemusik]

4. Affkt ‘Socarrat’ (Bufi) [Sincopat]

5. OC & Verde ‘Mañana’ [iVAV]

6. Fideles ‘Flying Dishes’ [Bedrock]

7. Adana Twins ‘Flower Of Cane’ [Watergate]

8. Piek ‘Sou Les Etoiles’ (Third Son) [Sincopat]

9. Chris Raven ‘I Know You Love Me Too’ (Alfonso Muchaco) [Bonzai]

10. Soulform ‘Synesthesia’ (Dave Seaman) [B Tech Noir]

11. Yotto ‘Wilderness Girl’ [Anjuna Deep]

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My Interview with Change Underground

Read my recent interview with Change Underground talking all things Selador, my go-to favourite labels and up and coming producers and the return to vogue of Progressive House..

Hi Dave, it’s good to have you back on C-U again. Last time we spoke was in 2013 believe it or not when you were doing a crowd funder for your mix CD https://change-underground.com/dave-seaman/ – would you ever do something like that again? 

Never say never but I don’t have any plans to do it again at the moment. It was a great experience. A really unique project that took me out of my comfort zone and led to lots of fantastic gigs and to me meeting lots of great people. The only real downside for me was the amount of time I needed to invest in it. It really took over my life for the good part of a year and that prevented me from doing lots of other things properly over that period so if I were to do it again, I’d have to make sure I had the decks cleared (no pun intended) for a while.

You were forming your label with Selador with Steve Parry at the time, which has become one of our favourite labels. If fact, we’ve not heard a bad release from you guys for a long time. We interviewed AFFKT recently, who you’ve been working with a long time and feel he’s really begun to find his sound of late. You’ve also got artists like Quivver on the roster who always seem to deliver amazing tracks for Selador. We’ve seen you and Steve seem to be doing a lot more Selador gigs these days. Can you share with us the ethos behind the Selador brand and where you’re looking to take it?  

We really just stick to the simple principle that if we both like it and we’d both play it, then it’s a Selador track. We’ve tried not to get stuck in one niche genre as we both like and play lots of different styles of electronic house, hence the fact we’ve had everyone from Victor Ruiz, Reset Robot and Dubspeeka to Gorge, Tim Engelhardt and Ruede Hagelstein on the label. It could be deep-as-you-like house or peak time Techno, it all falls under the Selador umbrella for us. And that all-inclusive family feeling is one which we intend to build on when it comes to future events. We’d like to do Techno nights or Progressive nights or Deep House nights or even better, have it all on the same night!

Can you tell us some of the stuff you’ve got coming up that we should looking forward to?

We’ve just released an EP by Greek Producer Stelios Vassiloudis. Next up is an EP by Frenchman Acumen, then it’s to Spain for a release by Affkt and then to Germany for a Florian Kruse EP. We’re also going to be doing more label nights at Watergate in Berlin which we’re very excited about after the last one was such a big sucess. So as you can see, we are an anti-Brexit label! haha

Last time we spoke, we talked about Global Underground – who are back with a vengeance.  John Digweed previously said if “they had used the money to pay their bills instead of on speed boats and entertaining, they might have had a longer working relationships with people” so he had no plans to work with them again.  You also mentioned in your interview that GU wouldn’t be the same today and you’ve got to keep moving forward.  Obviously times change Dave but do you still hold the same opinion?

It’s good to have GU back. It’s a strong brand that so many people around the world grew up on. Obviously times are very different from in GU’s heyday when they could sell thousands and thousands of CDs, but I still think there’s a role for them to play in today’s scene. Well packaged special edition ‘physical’ albums are still highly desirable to collectors and avid music fans. Digital mixes are just too disposable for many of us. There’s no emotional attachment to a computer file. So I think there’s definitely a market for new GU ‘city’ compilations and there’s certainly plenty of DJs for them to choose from who I’m sure would be honoured to be party of such a prestigious series. Let’s see how things pan out but I’m optimistic for their future.

Progressive house has been reborn and although we know it never went away, the sound is being championed by a lot more artists across the world.  Nick Warren said even techno DJs are playing it but nobody is calling it progressive. We’re receiving promos from labels all over the world, who to are pushing the progressive sound, but have no understanding of its origins. If you look at artists like Solomun, Kolsch and Dixon – these guys are playing progressive and are massive on the global stage. But as these guys are relative newcomers in comparison, to guys like you, Nick and Hernan, do you think it’s fair that you guys are not being recognized as the true pioneers and leaders of the new progressive scene?  Or would you class the scene that you’re a part of now as the real underground and the one that’s emerged is part of the corporate institution, that Funk D’Void spoke about recently? 

We all know Progressive House never really went away. It was Beatport’s decision to allow lots of cheesy EDM producers to hijack the genre that tainted the name and so real Progressive House had to masquerade as Techno or Deep House or Tech House for several years. But as is the circular nature of fashion, things come round again and it does seem like Progressive is making a bit of a comeback, thanks in large part to Beatport creating a new ‘Big Room’ section for all that commercial music which has allowed the more underground Progressive to rightfully reclaim it’s own genre. Of course the guys that you mentioned play a lot of music that I would consider Progressive House but I’m not sure I would consider what they do to be any less authentic than the original Progressive pioneers. They are just the new generation and the game has changed. In fact, the world has changed. You see it in all walks of life. Look at the top tennis players who all now have a manager, a coach, a fitness coach, a nutritionist, a masseur, a publicist, etc, etc. If you have a skill that can be turned into a brand and can assemble a great team around you then you can achieve bigger things. Can that be seen as being part of a corporate institution? Maybe so. But I wouldn’t question any of those guys’ passion or commitment to what they do. I think they deserve all the plaudits they receive. It’s just Progressive 2.0. Rebooted for the digital era.

Which one of your productions would you say you’re most proud of recently and why?  

I was really happy with my ‘Voodoo Disarray’ track and also the remix I did for Affkt of ‘Between Us’ earlier this year. In both cases I was trying to make distinctive dance floor weapons that retained a certain understated quality and like to think I achieved that. There’s actually a remix EP of ‘Voodoo’ on the horizon with contributions from Johannes Brecht, Drunken Kong & And.Id on Selador which I’m very excited about.

You’ve got a new remix coming out on Brent’s Pro B-Tech label soon which we premiered. 

Yes, thank you for that. I did that remix at the beginning of the year and so am happy that’s it’s finally coming out next week. I know it was one of Pro B Tech’s highest performing tracks on it’s original release and there were some lovely parts that leant themselves to a very warm melodic interpretation, so was happy to get involved. Really pleased with this one. Hope your readers like it too.

As you know, C-U is a platform that supports and showcases new talent.  Could you share with us a couple of emerging artists that people should keep their eye on? 

EdOne, Kotelett & Zadak, Drunken Kong, Clavis, Jody Barr. Too many to mention.

So we can get a flavor of what you’re playing right now, can you tell us your other go to labels right? Diynamic, Watergate, Freerange, Terminal M, Innervisions, Kompakt. Again, I could go on and on. There are so many great labels around.

Do you have any plans to release another album and what’s coming up tour wise next? 

I’ve done new remixes for Affkt and Jozif coming soon and have also started a couple of collaborations with two very cool artists. Plus, unbelievably, it’s going to be Selador’s 5th birthday next year so we are already gearing up for a big celebration around that milestone. Lots of exciting things are afoot. Watch this space.

Thanks for chatting to us Dave. 

My pleasure :-)


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My Remix for Soulform Out Now on B Tech Noir

16295107My remix of Soulform’s ‘Synesthesia’ is finally out and about for your listening pleasure on the Scottish imprint, B Tech Noir. The original topped the Beatport Minimal Top100 last year and is now back around again with interpretations from Quivver and Kri Samadhi accompanying my own. Support on this one coming from Sasha, Jamie Jones, BOg & more.

Hope you like it :-)


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Acumen ‘Instinct Primaire/Femme Fatale’ Out Now On Selador

IMG_7883After collaborating last year on the well received ‘Ines’ track, Selador boss Dave Seaman & French producer Antoine Garcin, Aka Acumen, struck up a bond through mutual admiration for each other’s work. Now that has connection takes its next logical step as the Frenchman makes his debut on Selador with two huge productions. Both ‘Instinct Primaire’ & ‘Femme Fatale’ have been go-to weapons of choice for those luckily recipients of an advanced promo and now label favourites Marc DePulse & Justin Massei come bearing their own takes that offer both tougher and deeper alternatives respectively. Big love and support for this one from Kolsch, Skream, Undercatt, Audiojack, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ Harvey and more.

Selador Recordings – C’est Magnifique X


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From Glastonbury to Berlin – Summer Has landed!

The summer season landed with a bang last week as Dave played not only arguably the best festival in the world (twice!) but also three of the best clubs in the world too with yet more to come this week and next.

Kicking off at the legendary Glastonbury Festival at John Digweed’s Bedrock party alongside Darren Emerson, Danny Howells and John himself was just a taste of things to come for the week ahead. A packed out Spaceport lapping it up until the small hours as the festival came out of the traps at one helluva pace. Glastonbury is the most awesome of festivals. A weekend which every music lover should experience at least once. The thing is, once you’ve had a taste for it, you’ll want to be back every year.

The Bedrock Glastonbury crew getting the party started

Next up was a flying visit to Greece on the Saturday for the best summer club in Athens, Bolivar Beach Bar where Dave DJ’ed together with Blondish, Phonique, Sharam Jey and more before swiftly returning to Glastonbury on the Sunday for a Festival closing set in the Glade Area with his Selador Recordings label partner, Steve Parry. As weekend’s go, they really don’t come much finer.


What a weekend- Vodka jellies in the Sunday afternoon sunshine dancing to Nile Rogers & Chic

No rest for the wicked though as Wednesday brought the second Selador’ Recordings party at Watergate in Berlin. A complete sell out at one of Berlin’s longest running and respected clubs, Dave & Steve were joined by the label’s Florian Kruse & Justin Massei for a night to remember. There areno cameras allowed though in Watergate so you’ll just have to take our word for it. Or even better, get yourself to our next gig there later this year. Watch this space.

Then it was on to Northern Ireland for the legendary Lush who are in the midst of their 21st birthday celebrations. Ahead of our next Lush Classical gig at the SSE Arena in Belfast in October which is already over 80% sold out, this was the perfect warm up as Dave joined fellow Global Underground legends Timo Maas and Darren Emerson for a big night out on the beautiful Irish coastline. As the good people of Lush like to put it… “Oi, Oi Oi f****ing Oi!”


Treble trouble – The GU boys Dave, Darren Emerson & Timo Mass are back in town at Lush, Portush, Northern Ireland. 

And it doesn’t stop there either. With two more appearances scheduled with Darren Emerson & Danny Howells as part of their ongoing 3D project, Dave hits the esteemed Rex Club in Paris and Latitude Festival in the next two weeks. Plus further trips to Greece and Canada are also lined up. And all of that is before August even arrives! Summer 2017 is looking hot 😉

3D at Glasto

3D – Dave with Darren Emerson & Danny Howells ahead of their forthcoming 3D summer shows together

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My Midsummer Beatport Chart

As the summer season commences in earnest, tonnes of ace new music has landed in my inbox. Here’s a few that have been both pushing my buttons and also causing a commotion on my dance floors in the last few weeks. Get stuck in :-)

1. Fort Romeau ‘C.E.M’ [Fort Romeau]

2. Andhim ‘Eberplatz’ [Superfriends]

3. Acumen ‘Instinct Primaire’ [Selador]

4. Andre Hommen ‘Sensory’ [Objektivity]

5. Stelios Vassiloudis ‘Sierra Alpha Victor’ [Selador]

6. Frankey & Sandrino ‘Virgo’ [Sum Over Histories]

7. The XX ‘Violent Noise’ (Four Tet) [Young Turks]

8. Adana Twins ‘Flower Of Cane’ [Watergate]

9. Steve Parry ‘Luna’ (Wally Lopez) [Selador]

10. Phil Kieran ‘Solar Storm’ (Mano Le Tough) [Hot Creations]



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Stelios Vassiloudis ‘Sierra Alpha Victor’ Out Now On Selador

stel smallrLong time friend of Selador, Stelios Vassiloudis is back on the label with a new creation of epic proportions. The Greek producer has, in our humble, if slightly biased opinion, outdone himself here with the glorious ‘Sierra Alpha Victor’, a passionate, soaring tribute to the place we know and love the best, the hallowed dance floor of the underground.

Variations on the theme come from the one and only Quivver, delivering yet another top-drawer remix, this time donning his Techno trousers for no nonsense, heads down affair. Whilst Connaisseur Recordings artists, Italian producer, Olderic takes his turn at the helm with a pulsating, robust workout. Modern Progressive.

Make no mistake, this one reaches for the stars and takes it’s pick. Love and support has been flooding in rom the likes of Guy J, Undercatt, Hernan Cattaneo, Cristoph, Guy Mantzur, Nick Warren, BOg and many more.

Selador Recordings – Where the planets align.



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