Glade Stage Set at Glastonbury 2016

IMG_4399We’re halfway through the year and that can only mean one thing….  Glastonbury!  The biggest and best of the English festivals is always one of the highlights of my summer season, but this year has added spice as not only will I be playing my usual slot in The Glade Lounge on the Saturday night (1.30-3am), I’m also very happy to say I’ll be headlining the main Glade Stage on Friday night (also starting at 1.30am). Excited would be an understatement  😉

Unfortunately, having been told by many people a couple of weeks ago that it was gonna be a sun soaked festival this year, the British weather had other ideas and after all the rain we’ve had this last week, it looks like we will be needing our wellies after all. But with Foals, New Order, Churches, LCD Soundsystem, Danny Howells, Daughter, Grimes, Underworld, James Blake, Earth Wind & Fire, M83, Bat For Lashes, Beck, Låpsley, Sigur Ros and ELO just a few of the acts I’m looking forward to seeing, when has the weather ever dampened the Glasto spirits? Bring. It. On!  See you on the muddy dance floor :-)


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Acumen & Dave Seaman ‘Ines’ Out Now on Time Has Changed

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 20.50.30My latest production is a collaboration with French producer Acumen as part of his brand new My Girls album which has been receiving some amazing feedback support from the likes of Damian Lazarus, Gorge, Sasha, Groove Armada, Gabriel Ananda, Davide Squillace Joris Voorn and many more. Antoine reached out to me a few months ago and we went backwards and forwards over the internet (as is the way these days) until ‘Ines’ came to fruition. It’s been a staple in my sets ever since we finished it at the beginning of the year and so happy to see it finally released on Acumen’s own Time Has Changed label. You can listen and purchase yours here>>

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Several Definitions ‘Dark Triangles’ EP Out Now on Selador



After popping his Seladorian cherry on our recent Showcase Volume 3 EP, Swiss producer Jeremy Vieira, aka Several Definitions, follows our tried and trusted route by now upgrading to his very own full, artist release.

The Dark Triangles EP drops with two box fresh originals and the opening track nails it’s colours to the mast from the off. Taking it’s lead from those halcyon days of the ‘90s, it’s heads down Melodic Techno seasoned with a liberal sprinkling of euphoria. Reach for the lasers!

Meanwhile, it’s little brother ‘Distress Call’ has crashed the party. Bringing a dark techy vibe to proceedings that harnesses all the disrespect and youthful swagger only a younger sibling can truly express. In yer face!

Alongside them come a couple of Grade A remixes from two wingmen that everyone would love on their team sheet…

First up, Reset Robot takes us into the kind of Techno territory for which he’s become renowned. Serious music for strapping systems in darkened rooms. A strobelight symphony not for the faint hearted.

Finally Florian Kruse makes his debut for the label with a rework of ‘Near From You’ which first saw the light of day on the aforementioned Showcase compilation. Whilst retaining all of the original’s key elements, the German pumps it up with the kind of steroid injection that would send even Lance Armstrong weak at the knees!

All in all, an intoxicating dose of audio sonic cat nip if ever we’ve heard one.

Selador Recordings –

The more you listen, the more you hear.


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My US Tour Diary for Decoded Mag

Those lovely people at Decoded Mag asked me if I’d keep a little Tour Diary on my recent trip to the States. They even said pretty please so how could I refuse. So here it is, a little glimpse into a week of life on the road talking jet lag, record shopping, midweek hangovers and the Mexican Border. Read on :-)

May 13th, Set at Verso, San Francisco 

Verso, San Fran May 13th 2016

“The Set Crew out in force for Promoter Christian’s Birthday at Verso”

It’s Friday 13th but not being the superstitious type I’m on my travels again, this time to the US West Coast, first stop San Francisco. The Golden Gate City has been a favourite destination of mine for for almost two decades. I’ve had so many amazing nights there over the years. From the legendary Spundae at 1015 in the 90s, to Ruby Skye in the noughties and more recently with the Set parties, San Fran never lets me down. Tonight is promoter Christian’s birthday so the full crew is out in force at his new venue, Verso. With it’s plush warehouse feel, Verso looks set to become a welcome addition to the city’s nightlife landscape. I can definitely see this becoming a popular spot for touring international DJs in the coming months. I normally don’t suffer too much from Jet lag. My body is always in a permanent state of limbo. But after crawling in to bed during the early hours, I’m wide awake just a few hours later and don’t know whether I’m coming or going. Oh yes, I remember now. I’m going. Onwards to LA.


May 14th, Alchemy Warehouse, Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 14.25.17

 “DJing at the Alchemy party for the Undercurrent crew in Los Angeles”

On the way to LA, I bump into Doorly on the plane. It’s amazing how many DJs you meet on planes or in airports. Stands to reason I suppose. Outside of nightclubs, it’s where we all tend to spend most of our time! Doorly and I have mirrored itineraries this weekend. He was also playing in San Fran last night and is now on his way to one of his Doorly & Friends gigs at Sound Nightclub in LA. Meanwhile, I’m in town to DJ at a Warehouse party for the Undercurrent crew in the downtown district. The party is full of artists painting, fire eaters performing and various stalls selling all manner of hippie rave paraphernalia. There seems to be quite a lot of these Burning Man styled events  springing up in and around LA to cater to Burners desperate to keep the BM flame flickering all year round. And to be honest, who can blame them?! Another great night in the bag.


May 15th – ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz 


May 16th, Day Off in LA

Kid in a sweet Shop Amoeba Records, La May 16th 2016“A Kid In A Sweet Shop at Amoeba Records, LA”

No visit to Los Angeles is complete without a visit to the biggest independent record store in the world, Amoeba Records. It’s kid-in-a-sweet-shop stuff for DJs. I miss record shops. For me, there’s nothing like browsing actual physical product. The definition of ‘virtual’ says it all really about online shopping… “almost or nearly as described, but not completely”. Close, but no cigar. I rest my case. Anyway, my friend Funkagenda introduced me to the “Amoeba $20 Challenge” a few years ago which is a to throw down the gauntlet to see just how big of a haul you can catch for what would have been the price of one CD 20 years ago! Not any old rubbish though. They all have to be top quality. With so many people selling off their collections these days, it’s fairly easy to pick up second hand absolute classic albums for a couple of bucks a piece. I come away with a bag full of classic albums and head back to the hotel, quietly smug with my swag. I have all the best intentions to head out to the Monday Night Social which is the legendary, longest running Monday night in California and possibly the World but my proposed disco nap turns into a disco coma and I wake up just minutes before the club is due to finish. Oh well, it’s 10am UK time, everyone’s up, so might as well crack on with some work from my hotel room. Another nightshift :-)


May 17th Focus, Orange County


“Midweek Madness with Jerred Christopher, aka Native Behavior at Focus, Newport Beach. ”

I head south to Orange County to DJ for the first time at the long running Focus in Newport Beach. The night is just about to celebrate it’s 13th anniversary which is an impressive achievement for a weekly Tuesday event. The thing about clubbers who go out to midweek gigs is you can be sure they’re really into the music. It’s not your casual weekend clubbers here. These are the hardcore. The crowd emphasise my point with their infectious enthusiasm, dancing until the 2am curfew. We all fall out into the balmy Southern Californian night, suddenly remember its a school night and disperse in different directions to deal with our midweek hangovers. Par for the course.


May 18th/19th Days off in San Diego

Jerred in the Sun, San Diego

“Turned out nice again. Normal service is resumed in San Diego for my buddy Jerred just as I’m about to leave”

I drive down to San Diego with my buddy Jerred who’s a resident at the aforementioned Monday Night Social and also starting to make some great music under the name Native Behavior. Remember where you heard it first! 😉 We hang at his place for a couple of days and he shows me some of the city’s cultural highlights. None of your obvious stuff you understand. There’s no Zoo or Seaworld for us. I’m more interested in Ellen Browning Scripps Park where Dr Seuss took much of his inspiration for The Lorax & The Cat In The Hat and even more impressive, at least as far as I was concerned, was a visit to Rocky’s Bar. Establishment of choice for the legend that is Ron Burgundy. Having been promised picture perfect skies however, the only blot on San Diego’s copy book was the weather, as it steadfastly remained grey and overcast throughout my entire stay. Until of course, the moment I was due to leave. Bloody typical.


May 20th Wherehouse, Tijuana, Mexico 

Mexican Border, Tijuana May 20th 2016

 “Crossing the Mexican Border to Tijuana- The Calm Before The Storm”

A last minute unscheduled gig turns up at The Wherehouse in Tijuana after another DJ cancels and as Tijuana is just across the border from San Diego, no more than 30 minutes away, it’d be rude not to, right? Tijuana is a crazy place. Especially on a weekend when lots of Americans cross the border to drink cheap Tequila and generally go wild. There’s more drunks per square meter than at the annual AA convention! When crossing back over to the US after the gig at around 5am, the Border resembles a war zone with people either strewn across the floor or desperately trying to remember how to put one foot in front of the other. According to Donald Trump, America should build a wall to keep the Mexicans out but judging by the behaviour of a lot of the US citizens here this morning, it should be the other way round!


May 21st Monofest, Chihuahua, Mexico

Kav, Betoko & Dave, Chihuahua May 21st 2016“Kav from Pleasurekraft, Betoko & Dave. The Three Stooges hit Chihuahua”

The final leg of this trip takes me just across the border again, this time to Chihuahua where a mini festival called Monofest is taking place on the dusty former race track just outside the city. Betoko and Pleasurekraft are also on the bill and the crowd is fantastic. A proper up-for-it Mexcian crowd which I’ve been very lucky to experience many times over the years. I first came to Mexico in 1998 and it’s been a firm favourite ever since. From Cancun to Acapulco and Guadalajara to Monterrey, I’ve pretty much been covered the whole country over the years and tonight the Chihuahuhans give us a proper Mexican send off. A fitting end to another great tour. Next stop China. Well, someone’s got to do it!  :-)

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – May 2016

NEW Rebuild logoDave’s long running, critically acclaimed monthly Frisky radio show has been added to the schedule on Ibiza’s number one dance music station, Global Radio with the first show going out this Thursday May 26th 11pm CET. Just in time for the summer season, the show will be broadcast as part of a monthly rota of DJs in this prestigious slot which also includes shows from Darius Syrossian, Sankeys Ibiza & the legendary Renaissance. In the meantime, here’s the latest edition for you enjoy :-)

Tracklist as follows..

1. Nandu feat. Tyra ‘Glömde’ (Love Over Entropy) [Off]

2. Alice Rose & Malbetrieb ‘Creatures Of The Night’ (Quivver Dub) [Selador]

3. Pirupa ‘Demons’ [Saved]

4. Reset Robot ‘Crystal’ [Truesoul]

5. Lee Van Dowski & Saab feat. Forrest ‘Destinasia’ [Suara]

6. Dave Seaman ‘Devil Never Even Lived’

7. Acumen & Dave Seaman ‘Ines’ [Time Has Changed]

8. Gjone ‘Journey Man’ [Selador]

9. Alex Niggemann ‘Siwaya’ [Last Night On Earth]

10. Many Reasons ‘Another Way’ [Octopus Black]

11. Audion ‘Mouth To Mouth’ (Carl Craig) [Spectral Sound]

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Alice Rose & Malbetrieb ‘Creatures Of The Night’ Out Now on Selador

Alice Rose 4kIt’s just over a year since Alice Rose first featured on Selador on what has now become one of the label’s bone fide classics. Her collaboration with Jaap Ligthart on ‘I Know Change’ was something of a milestone in our history as it transcended allegiances and genres with everyone from Sven Vath to Solomun and Tenaglia to Tiesto united in their love and support.

Now she’s back, with a new studio partner, but with comparably devastating results. Teaming up with fellow Berlin resident, Malbetrieb, the duo have delivered another lesson in first class deepness. A piece of unerring electronic beauty.

Label fave Quivver then shines brightly with a couple of very special remixes. Equally radiant in style and quality, the Vocal Mix oozes class from every pore, whilst the Dub ploughs a tougher furrow aimed firmly at the dance floor. Sophistication personified.

Not to be outdone, Selador’s own Steve Parry also brings his own A game to proceedings. Drenched in subtle acid goodness, this was a highlight of his set at Selador’s 3rd Birthday party at the Ministry Of Sound and also of Dave Seaman’s recent guest mix for John Digweed’s Transitions Show. Top notch.

There’s really no escaping this one. It’s hotter than Margot Robbie in the midday sun. And then some.

Team Selador – Purveyors of the nocturnal noise.


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Radio Therapy Broadcast – April 2016

Listen again to Dave’s critically acclaimed monthly Radio Show right here, right now via the magical medium of linked computers. Enjoy!

Tracklist as follows…

1. Pacifica ‘Memory Man’ (Frankey & Sandrino)

2. Animal Picnic & Aaryon ‘Carthago’ [Steyoyoke]

3. Zoo Brazil ‘Peak’ [Saved]

4. Robert Babicz ‘Red’ (Dahu) [Selador]

5. Marc DePulse ‘Nothing Toulouse’ [Selador]

6. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons ‘Trouble At The Seance’ (Kölsch) [Crosstown Rebels]

7. Victor Ruiz ‘Soul Seek’ [Sprout]

8. Brauneck ‘Metis’ [Kraftek]

9. Felkon ‘Cry Wolf’ [Soulfooled]

10. Steve Parry ‘Apricity’ (Victor Ruiz) [Selador]

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Steve Parry ‘Apricity’ Out Now on Selador Recordings

apricity - steve parry-3b 3As Selador Recordings reaches it’s 3rd birthday, co-founder Steve Parry makes his artist debut for the label with a track that’s set to elevate his status to the next level.

Following up the recent success of his massive ‘Flippant’ track on Bedrock should not have been an easy task but Steve has effortlessly created another accomplished peak time anthem that has already sent tongues-a-wagging amongst the lucky few who’ve managed to get their hands on a copy.

Whereas ‘Flippant’ was most definitely an ode to his love of authentic acid house, ‘Apricity’ shows off his melodic side with it’s arp-tastic lead synth doing most of the damage atop a pulsating bass and roof raising structure.

On the remix front, Brazilian Techno maestro, Victor Ruiz, weighs in with something altogether more Techno, outdoing himself in the drama department as he stretches out the lead motif over a wonderfully unpredictable arrangement. This was one of the highlights from Sasha & John Digweed’s recent reunion which says a lot more than we ever could.

Next up, Portuguese Tech House grandee, Joal returns to the label with a masterclass in remodelling as he takes us to another place entirely. Bringing new bass, strings and a touch of darkness to the party, the transformation is as imaginative as it is remarkable. Hats off.

And finally, completing this stellar line up, house music’s latest dynamic duo, Ki Creighton & Makanan of Under No Illusion fame lay down their trademark heritage house beats as foundation for the infectious arp line to flourish. A mix you can put your mortgage on.

This release has been long time in the making, crafted from over two decades of DJing experience, with quality assured and fireworks guaranteed. Watch it fly.

Team Selador – Reach for the lazers!


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My Guest Mix for John Digweed’s Transitions Show

Transitions---604---Dave-SeamanListen again to my exclusive mix for John Digweed’s Transitions Show. Hard to believe it’s over a decade since I last guested so was really good to be back on one of the biggest electronic music Radio Shows out there. Opening with the mash-up I did especially for this mix of Huxley’s mix of Hayze on Noir and the new Frank Wiedemann on Innervisions and then also featuring several exclusives from the likes of Third Son, Roberto Calzetta & Soul Twin and Alice Rose & Malbetrieb, I’m particularly pleased this one. Hope you like it too :-)

Tracklist as follows…

1.Hayze ‘Brighter Days’ (Huxley Mix) [Noir]

2. Frank Wiedemann ‘Moorthon II’ [Innervisions]

3. Malbetrieb & Alice Rose ‘Creatures Of The Night’ (Steve Parry Mix) [Selador]

4. Glenn Morrison ‘Bumblebee’ (Dave Seaman Mix) [Morrison Recordings]

5. Red Out ‘Waiting For Saturn’ (Denis Horvat Mix) [Play Label]

6. Roberto Calzetta & Soul Twin ‘Visionary’ [Audio Tonic]

7. Maribou State ‘Rituals’ (Sasha Mix ) [Last Night On Earth]

8. Never More ‘Forward Momentum’ [Selador]

9. Third Son ‘Trigonal’ [Selador]

10. Anna ‘Redemption’ [Terminal M]

11. Human Machine ‘146’ [Connaisseur]

12. BOg ‘Heartless City’ [Bedrock]


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Robert Babicz ‘Red’ EP (Digital Edition) Out Now

coverRobert Babicz’s Red EP is already the stuff of legend in the ever developing Selador story as it will forever be known as the label’s inaugural vinyl release.

Released on the February 29th and quickly amassing an overwhelming amount of love from what reads like a who’s who of the current electronic music scene, such luminaries as Noir, Dubfire, La Fleur, Guy J, Re.You, Richy Ahmed, Hernan Cattaneo, Davide Squillace, Sasha Carassi, Mihalis Safras, D-Nox, Wehbba, Nick Warren, Thomas Schumacher, Pirupa, DJ Anna, Edu Imbernon, Danny Daze all pledged their full support. Immediately, it was patently obvious that we had something special on hands.

However, our first foray into the physical world is only part of the story here, the narrative is set to continue as we cross this release over into the digital domain with two brand new interpretations. First from Steyoyoke hotshot, the amazing Dahu and also from someone who’s been on our remix wishlist for a long time, the very talented Jozif.

We then also include two of the acclaimed original vinyl versions from 8 Bit boss, Gorge and Robert himself (the Villanova Remix and Original Mix of ‘Green’ will remain vinyl only) and the impressive line up is complete.

Light to the touch paper and stand clear, this one’s ready to explode.

Team Selador


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