Live from the Roof Terrace, Space Ibiza, July 2016

Here’s my set from the Roof Terrace at Space, Ibiza for our second Selador Recordings party earlier in the summer. If you prefer your electronic house music to be of the hard and dark variety, then move on, there’s nothing to see here 😉

Tracklist as follows..

1. Outway ‘Well Spotted’ [New Violence]

2. Dee Montero & Dimitri Nakov ‘Alba’ [Selador]

3. Piémont ‘Squeeze’ [Definition]

4. Habischman’Skin’ [Selador]

5. Gorgon City ‘Aires’ [Crosstown Rebels]

6. Hannah Wants ‘Just’ (Illyus & Barientos)

7. Gorgon City ‘Blue Parrot’ [Virgin]

8. Rob Roar ‘Backtrackin’ [Phonetic]

9. Paul McCartney & Wings Vs. Timo Maas & James Teej ’1985’ (Kerri Chandler) [Virgin]

10. Luca Doobie ‘Next Wave’ [New Violence]

11. David Morales & CeCe Rogers ‘Come With Me’ [DefMix]

12. Fred Everything ‘Winter Dubs’ [Drumpoet Community]

13. Cassius & Pharrell feat. Cat Power Vs. Eats Everything ‘Go Up Big Discs’ (Seaman Edit)

14. Steve Nash ‘Taubenhaucher’ [Kling Klong]

15. Blaze ‘Lovelee Dae’ (Bicep) [Feel My Bicep]

16. Zoo Brazil ‘Bring Back’ [Lapsus]

17. Andre Lodemann ‘Last Exit’ [Freerange]

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My new single ‘Nightfalls’ out now on Selador

Cq9KdGwXgAEzUGmWhen Dave Seaman & Steve Parry first spoke about starting a record label together, one of their motivating factors was to create a prestigious platform on which they could also release their own productions. And so, following Steve’s massive ‘Apricity’ release earlier this year, it’s now Dave’s turn to abuse his position of label boss and drop his own new single, ‘Nightfalls’.

It’s his third outing on Selador following 2014’s brace of ‘Naughty Forest’ and ‘Justified Replacement Of Lulu’ and by sheer coincidence, also happens to be Selador’s 50th release. Anybody would think we’d planned it that way!

The original production is centred around vocal flourishes from Ananda Project’s millennium classic ‘Cacades Of Colour’ and sees Dave in classic mode embracing both Techno and Tech House stylings to deliver a thoroughly modern hybrid.

We then call upon three giants of the remix world to sprinkle their magic on proceedings. First up Lee Van Dowski stays pretty close to the original arrangement but ramps up the energy levels to bursting point. Anthem alert!

Next, Chymera gets all deep and sophisticated with a blissed out interpretation that has neck hairs standing to attention and shivers cascading down the spine. Heavenly doesn’t even cover it.

And topping things off, new kids on the block, OC & Verde deliver a certified Tech House monster. This one goes straight for the jugular from the off and never lets up. Straight up, peak time.

And with that, our 50th release comes to fruition and we’re proud as proverbial punch. Infact, we even go as far as to say we’re starting to get the hang of this label lark. A big thank you to everyone who’s got us this far.

Half-a-century, not out. And we’re only just getting started!

Team Selador

We’ve come a long way baby


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Radio Therapy Broadcast – August 2016

Listen again to Dave’s ever popular Radio Therapy show which premieres on the third Tuesday of every month exclusively on Frisky Radio and then syndicates to over 80 more stations worldwide. What you waitin’ for? Dive in!

Tracklist as follows..
1. Terranova feat. Stereo MCs ’Remedy’ (Aaaron) [Connected]
2. Pablo Centrini ’Nepturia’ [Plattenblank]
3. Animal Trainer ‘Funktion None’ [Mobilee]
4. Booka Shade ‘Lost High’ (Andhim) [Get Physical]
5. Teho ‘Issue 1’ [Parquet]
6. Alerche ‘Tromperie’ [Dear Deer]
7. Jonathan Kaspar ’Tikal’ [Objektivity]
8. Bob Moses ‘Tearing Me Up’ (Tale Of Us) [Domino]
9. Butch ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ [Saved]
10. Ian O’Donovan ‘Crucible’ [Drumcode]
11. Dave Seaman ‘Nightfalls’ (Lee Van Dowski) [Selador]

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Third Son ‘Trigonal/Grey Matter’ Out Now on Selador

third son smallSo the prolific Third Son (aka Joe Price) is back on Selador and not before time too! His second release for the label following last year’s widely acclaimed ’Darker Side Of The Moon’ EP consists of two original productions in ‘Trigonal’ and ‘Grey Matter’, both of which are big statements in their own right.

The former is a syncopated slice of main room action, all growling synths and soaring arp dynamics whilst ‘Grey Matter’ manages to take the concept one step further still. Yet another peak time bullet.

The release is then consolidated by outstanding contributions from both D-Nox & Beckers and Kris Davis on remix duties. The German duo return the favour (after Third Son’s work on their own recent Selador outing) with a typically assured melodic adventure. Kris meanwhile, dons his Techno trousers for a lesson in ultra cool electronic precision. Serious heads down business.

This my friends, is a bone fide, beach body ready, summer essential.

Back of the net or your money back guaranteed!

Selador Recordings. Bad Ass.

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – July 2016

Listen again to Dave’s latest Radio Therapy broadcast which premieres on the third Tuesday of every month on Frisky Radio closely followed by Ibiza Global Radio and then syndicates to 80 more stations worldwide. Buckle up and enjoy the ride :-)

Tracklist as follows..

1. Dapayk & Padberg ‘Sink This Ship’ (Bebetta Mix) [Mo’s Ferry]

2. Joal ‘Eskimo’ [Selador]

3. Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld ‘Systematika’ [Systematic]

4. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann ‘Terra’ (Joseph Capriati) [Senso]

5. Eagles & Butterflies ‘Murder Was The Bass’ (Lee Van Dowski) [Bedrock]

6. Dave Seaman ‘Nightfalls’ [Selador]

7. Noir & Olivier Giacomotto ‘Reste’ [Tronic]

8. James Slaven ‘After Conor’ [Carioca]

9. Speaking Minds ‘Sharpless’ (Alex Niggemann) [Aeon]

10. Gjone ‘Journeyman’ (Pete Oak) [Selador]

11. Enrico Sangiuliano ‘Hook At The Border’ (Paride Saraceni) [Tronic]

12. Monte ‘Backyard (Dub)’ [Method White]



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Gjone ‘Journeyman/Shadowdancer’ Out Now on Selador Recordings

gjone_4kHere at Selador Towers we like to pride ourselves in our diverse electronic music tastes and we’ve always tried to reflect that in our output. Throughout our short history we’ve run the gamut from Deep House to Techno and Tech House to Electronica stopping off at every flavour in-between. We’ve never been ones for pigeonholes. Horrible claustrophobic smelly things 😉

This philosophy could not be more evident than right here on our next offering. Out of Denmark we bring you Gjone (pronounced Yoh-na) with two very different sounding original productions.

First up ’Journey Man’ is an assured, distinctive piece of work, thanks in the main to it’s idiosyncratic vocal which elevates it head and shoulders above the crowd. Got more hooks than a nightclub cloakroom this one.

Next comes the altogether more raw, bumpy house flavourings of ’Shadowdancer’. Contemporary, quirky, funky, deep house at it’s finest. Bad ass.

On the remix tip, it’s all aboard the Techno train with Pete Oak at the helm. Pitching down the vocal and fuelled by driving beats and a thunderous baseline, this is peak time, dark room business.

And finally, rounding off the package in fine style, we welcome Inxec with his trademark techie beats underpinning an archetypal stabby motif that has style to burn.

A release that pulls in four different directions yet still manages to retain a unified outlook. Much like our label then 😉

Selador – Electronic House Music for all the family  x

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Habischman ‘The Way’ Remixes EP Out Now on Selador

the way part 3


Following the success of his debut EP for Selador back in February and ahead of his forthcoming mix compilation for the legendary Global Underground series, Habischman returns to the label courtesy of a collection of remixes from some of the brightest lights on our radar.

Just Her takes care of the title track ‘The Way’, a meticulously constructed mix which first puts the vocal in the spotlight before unfolding into a pulsating final act.

Next, Tim Engelhardt takes us to a place where both ‘The Way’ & ‘Skin’ co-inhabit side by side. A place where parts from both tracks are utilised to create a unique spin on proceedings, a remix hybrid if you will.

Bastian Bux then dives head first into his debut remix assignment and proves himself a natural. His rework of ‘All I Dream’ is peak time business administered with all the capability and technique of a maestro.

And so another chapter in the Selador story is hatched. Written big and bold with passion to burn.

Selador Recordings – It’s what we do.

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My Interview with Festicket

Post Glastonbury and just ahead of Noisily Festival, I did and interview with Festicket talking Kickstarter, online journalism, Desert Island Discs and Alan Partridge. Here it is…

We loved the Kickstarter campaign you did for a mix compilation. How was the experience and do you see such platforms playing a key part in the future of the music industry?

It was hard work but very rewarding. I’d done over 30 mix compilations previously so the process was becoming a bit repetitive, so to do something that really took me out of my comfort zone and put a fresh spin on things was really exciting. I hadn’t really calculated how long it would take me to make good on all the pledges though, it took almost 2 years to get around to everyone! But I would highly recommend it to other artists. With the direct connection now between artists and fans following the rise of social media, it opens up all sorts of new possibilities.

The top reward was a private DJ set. Did many people take you up on that?

I did 6 in all and they were one of the best things about the whole project. You never really know what situation you’re putting yourself into with something like that. I had visions of the I’m Alan Partridge Mentalist episode! haha! But everyone was lovely and we had some memorable nights together. There’s nothing like a good house party!

In the past, magazines such as NME and Mixmag were one of the primary means of discovering new music, and the figurative “pens” were regarded as sacred. Nowadays, anyone with a Twitter profile can give their opinion. As a former editor of Mixmag, do you think this current setup better serves the public? 

Well an opinion is just an opinion and as Pete Waterman famously said, “they’re just like arseholes, everyone’s got one!”. Not everyone is equipped to be a journalist much as they’d like to think they are. Much like there’s so many making music these days too. The digital revolution had democratised many trades. And with that, you might discover new talent that formerly may never have had the chance to develop their skills. Becoming a music journalist 20 years ago was not easy if you lived outside London or Manchester. But the other side of the coin, there are so many outlets now and many people who are really not particularly good at writing, who wouldn’t have made the grade previously, can now get published. Well, online at least. There’s no editor on the net!

And does the print press still have an important part to play?

Yes, of course, for now at least anyway. But all the print media have an online presence too these days so how long printed media will last is anybody’s guess.

Your current label Selador Recordings seems to be going really well. Do you have any exciting projects and releases coming up that we should look out for?

Yes, it’s going incredibly well right now. We’re into our fourth year and we’ve been steadily growing but things seem to have really gone up a level in the last few months. We’ve already done a night at Watergate in Berlin and this summer are doing 3 dates at Space Ibiza on a Sunday so we’ve been joking that maybe we should quit now while we’re winning! But we take a great deal of pride in our releases and put a lot of time and effort into every one. Artists wise we’ve had releases and remixes this year from D-Nox & Beckers, Reset Robot, Third Son, Several Definitions, Tim Engelhardt, Victor Ruiz, Gorge, Kevin Over, Florian Kruse, Quivver and Roy Rosenfeld to name just a few. So we’re either doing something right or we’ve mastered the art of getting a way with it! :-)

You’ve worked with and remixed some pretty big names across a variety of genres, from Kylie Minogue to David Bowie. Would you say that reflects your diverse music taste?

I like to think I’ve got an open mind to all kinds of music. The old cliche of there’s only two kinds of music, good or bad, still rings true for me. There’s good Techno and bad Techno. Good R&B and bad R&B. My favourite things this year range from DJ Shadow’s ’Nobody Speak’ to David Bowie’s ‘Can’t Give Everything Away’, Underworld’s ‘If Rah’ to Anohni’s ‘Drone Bomb Me’ and Cassius’ Action’ to James Blake’s ‘Radio Silence’ so I do try not to get tunnel vision by listening to too much four on the floor club music.

Right, tough one: what 3 albums would you take if you were to be stranded on a desert island?

Ha! That’s a quaint old question. Wouldn’t I just take one big playlist full of all my favourite tracks on an iPhone these days? But if you insist, I’ll go with Prince ’Sign Of Times’, Massive Attack ‘Blue Lines’ and Blondie’s ‘Parallel Lines’. Although that does change on a weekly basis so it really depends on the timing.

You’re playing Noisily Festival this July. For a man who’s played in over 70 countries, how do you think the British crowd differs from abroad?

I see more similarities in crowds than I see differences to be honest. The basic premise of people going out to listen to electronic music, let loose and enjoy themselves is the common theme that binds us altogether. Although after having just got back from Glastonbury this weekend, I can testify that the British can cope with rain and mud better than any other nation. It resembled a war zone at times but that wasn’t going to get in the way of everyone having a brilliant time.

Who else on the lineup do you think we should definitely catch? 

Selador artists D Nox & Beckers, Just Her and Third Son are high on the list. As are Anna, Patrice Baumel & Solee. It really is a top, top line up.

And what does the future hold for Dave Seaman?

My new single for Selador will be called ’Nightfalls’ out in August just in time for my second trip to Burning Man Festival in the US which I’m very much looking forward to. I’ve also signed a couple of tracks to Yousef’s Carioca label which should be out early autumn hopefully. I’ve also done a remix that I’m really proud of for a legendary electronic band. Can’t say much right no but watch this space!

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D-Nox & Beckers ‘Salt/114 Miles To Go’ Out Now on Selador

d nox & beckersChristian D Nox & Frank Beckers are electronic music royalty. The dynamic German production duo have been consistently dropping Techno bombs in all the right places for well over a decade and that shows no sign of abating anytime soon.

So after the massive remix they did for Selador last year on Quivver’s ‘Wait For You’ we felt it only right and proper to invite them to hold court with their own release on the label, a request they promptly accepted.

And so here you have it. The lead track ‘Salt’ channels a little secret that the knowledgable ones amongst you will be familiar with, an homage to a certain sweet father figure of years gone by. Whilst ‘114 Miles To Go’ showcases their ability to switch gears with an almost dark nu-disco feel permeating through it’s veins.

Then two producers who’s stars are very much in the ascendency, Third Son & Roy Rosenfeld take up the remix mantle with aplomb, each submitting assignments that merit an A+ rating by anyone’s high standards.

Collectively, there’s a veritable feast of talent contained herein. Music to suit both day and night time vibes. Group hug!

From Selador with love


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Radio Therapy Broadcast – June 2016

Listen again to Dave’s latest Radio Show which premieres on the third Tuesday of every month exclusively on Frisky Radio closely followed by Ibiza Global Radio and then 80 more stations around the world. Sixty minutes of nothing but the good stuff. You know the drill. Enjoy!

Tracklist as follows..

1. Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin ‘Atlas’ (Adriatique) [Systematic]

2. Hermanez ‘Most Likely’ [Lapsus]

3. Dennis Ferrer feat. Ben Westbeech ‘Right Thing’ [Defected]

4. Gorge ‘Yemaya’ [Mobilee]

5. Animal Trainer ‘Alderaan’ [Leena]

6. Chvrches ‘ZVVL’ (Jaap Ligthart)

7. Cristoph ‘EyeSpy’ [Viva]

8. Monkey Safari ‘Plexus’ (Digweed & Muir) [Hommage]

9. D Nox & Beckers ‘Last Call’ [Sudbeat]

10. Clavis ‘Alcine’ [Freerange]

11. Guy Andrews ‘In Autumn Arms’ (Ben Pearce) [Houndstooth]

12. Jamie XX ‘SeeSaw’ (Nic Fanciulli) [Saved]

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