Cristoph ‘Foregone Conclusion’ EP out now on Selador Recordings

cristoph_ep packshotWhat a year it’s been so far for the one they call Cristoph. This Geordie lad is one of a group of young UK producers hailing from the North East Of England that are making waves worldwide with their next generation brand of British House Music.

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Hot Since 82, Patrick Topping and wAFF, Cristoph was singled out late last year as a ‘Future Star’ by no less an authority than Pete Tong and has since only managed to raise expectations further with a glut of hot productions and remixes this year for such mighty labels as Defected, Noir, Material & Viva.

And now it’s our turn to bask in his reflected glory, welcoming him back into the Selador fold following his highly impressive remix on Dave Seaman’s ‘Justified Replacement Of Lulu’ release with a killer 4 track EP which will only add weight to his growing stature.

First up, the title track moves in a slightly different direction than you’d normally be accustomed to from Cristoph. Tougher, fuller, more melodic styled techno, this is peak time, heads down material. Hold tight.

Next up to the plate is ‘Diggin In’ with it’s assured groove and slowly building dynamics leading to a classic crescendo and joyous pay off. One of the big tunes at Selador’s recent label night at Watergate in Berlin. Large.

Third in line to the throne is ‘Moments’, another subterranean adventure underpinned by a robust bass and incessant synth lines rising and falling throughout. Got more drama than a Colombian soap opera.

And finally, a fitting climax comes in the shape of ‘Time For Change’, a huge melodic gem that unfolds into the kind of breakdown that takes you to places where anthems are made. Heaven sent.

All in all, let’s make no bones about it, this really is the work of a producer at the top of his game and we’re very honoured to be a part of it. Get on board now and you can be too :-)

Selador Recordings – All killer, no filler x

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My Glastonbury interview for DMC World Mag

Dave welcome back to DMC World…you’ve just got back from another memorable Glastonbury…how are you smelling? Ha! Not too bad thanks. We bought a cheap second hand caravan specifically for festivals last year which did have a working shower but alas, it failed us this year so we had a make do with a couple of “Glastonbury Showers”, otherwise known as a quick once all over with the baby wipes :-/

Well what a weekend. Let’s kick off with the whole Kanye West discussion. Forgetting the words to Bohemian Rhapsody, Lee Nelson invading the stage, “the greatest rock star on the planet” quote, his clobber…and THAT flag!! What was your take on the whole show – was he worthy of headlining the event?
We only saw about 20 minutes of his set which was all a bit shoddy in my opinion but if you judge your rock stars on who’s making the most noise/getting the most attention in the media then he’s definitely up there. He seemed to make the whole Festival about him which is no mean feat. And there’s no denying he is a talented producer who’s made a succession of good albums over the last decade. But when people start comparing him to Prince and Stevie Wonder at the height of their powers, they need to have a word with themselves and get a grip. To really be the biggest rock star on the planet, you need more than 4 or 5 tracks that have crossed over into the consciousness of the mainstream and really be able to put on a show, holding an audience in the palm of your hand. He has a lot to learn in that respect.

One of the highlights for many was Lionel Richie on Sunday afternoon, right on cue the sun peeked it’s head through the clouds as he started to sing ‘Easy’…where were you watching, what was your highlight from Lionel and was everybody really having that much fun when he was on stage?
I was there yes and it was one of the highlights of the weekend. He certainly drew the biggest crowd. That Sunday afternoon spot is becoming quite a prestigious booking for pop legends after Dolly Parton, Tom Jones, Paul Simon etc. It’s at a point in the weekend where everybody’s ready to let loose and have a bit of cheesy fun. It’s really a mass karaoke session. And Lionel definitely had all the hits to pull it off. You could see he was blown away. Visibly moved by the sheer numbers of people and wonderfully warm reaction he was getting which is quite something for an artist who’s seen it all. It made him all the more endearing.

A few mixed reports about Mark Ronson’s performance. Many walked off saying it was boring, what a cast joining him though?
I disagree. I thought he did a good job and from where I was standing people were lapping it up. The Amy Winehouse accapella was a special moment. And as you say, the all star cast of Grandmaster Flash, George Clinton and Mary J Blige joining him for ‘Uptown Funk’ was pretty memorable too. Boy George even made an appearance to sing ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?’ Say what you like about Ronson, he’s got one hell of an impressive Contacts list on his iPhone.

Whenever I interview you lately we end up talking birthdays! Tell us about a certain rendition of Happy Birthday that you joined in with…
Yeah, another amazing moment that was pure Glastonbury. You’re not going to find the Dalai Lama at the V Festival are you?! It was a lovely moment during Patti Smith’s set on the main stage. He’d been giving a speech earlier on in the day in the Green Fields, but they brought him on to say a few words and present him with a birthday cake which turned into a mass rendition of Happy Birthday. And I must confess singing “Happy Birthday dear Dalai Lama” was one of the stranger sing alongs I’ve ever been in involved with.

So a second hand caravan eh? I thought you’d be up at Babington House, holed up in a luxury winnibago or keeping it real under canvas?
Babington House kind of defeats the whole Glastonbury experience. I’d happily stay there but on another weekend entirely separate from the Festival. And a luxury Winnibago is all a bit OTT for Glasto. Again, something to rent on another occasion and go touring the South Of France in. As I said before, we were in a second hand caravan bought on eBay for £350. The price of a decent tent! The Yorkshireman in me refuses to spend anymore!! Not worth it for 5 or 6 nights a year, right Dan 😉 But the luxury of having your own toilet and a solid roof over your head is something I’d highly recommend.

Another highlight for many was Jarvis Cocker’s Desperate Soundsystem on Saturday night, what were some of the gems that were pulled out of disco wonderland at that little sesh?
Yeah, that’s the beauty of festivals and Glastonbury in particular that you can randomly stumble upon wonderful little things going on around the fringe of the main stages. We were just wandering around when we heard Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits followed by David Bowie’s Jean Genie coming out of a little bar near the Park Stage and someone comparing that sounded an awful lot like Jarvis Cocker. And lo and behold, it was! To be honest it was all a bit haphazard. There was loads of problems with the records jumping as they were playing from vinyl but no one seems to care, infact it kinda added to the impromtu vibes and Jarvis’ dry sense of humour held it all together well. From Fat White Family ’Touch The Leather’ to Cerrone ’Supernature’ to Nightwriters ‘Let The Music Use You’. It was a lot of fun.

The world awoke this morning waiting with baited breath who was gonna be the star of Sunday night at Glasto…looking like The Who 1 The Chems 2. Agree?
The Chemical Brothers hands down for me. I love the Who. I was obsessed with Quadrophenia during my mod stage as an eleven year old and they’re a great headline band but The Chems were something else. Hit after hit after hit with amazing visuals and lightshow that had about 40,000 at a packed out Other Stage bouncing in unison. For me, they’re the best headline act to come out of the Electronic Music Scene. It was a perfect way to end the weekend.

Who were some of the other artists/acts/DJs/performers you enjoyed this weekend?
Leftfield, Florence & The Machine, Jungle, George Clinton, Nick Warren, Quivver, Jessie Ware, Alabama Shakes. Too many to remember to be honest. The Circus & Theatre fields are always a great way to spend an afternoon too. There was a drumming crew using all sorts of pots, pans pipes and other recycled rubbish called Big Beat that bashed their way through everything from Mirror In The Bathroom to Anarchy In The UK. Great fun.

Tell us about your set over in the Glade Lounge…
I played after hours on the Friday night. Like I said before, I love those little fringe shows that are a bit off the beaten track and so The Glade Lounge has become a bit of a regular thing for me. I played the main dance stage a few years ago which was fantastic but the vibe you get after all the main stages have closed is something I especially love. You can get away with doing whatever you like really. I love that freedom.

You have played at every festival in the world – is Glastonbury still the best? If it doesn’t rain…?
It’s the biggest and the best, yes. Nothing comes close for me. Rain or no rain.

And finally – will you be back in 2016?
Try and stop me!

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My Interview with Beats & Beyond…

Hi Dave, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. How have you been lately?  I’ve been great Thank You. It’s been a really busy period but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

There was a big Selador Recordings event held on May 20th at Berlin’s famed Watergate venue. It was the first time for your label hosting a night here. How did it go?  It was fantastic. Such an honour for us to be able to do such an esteemed club and it’s kind of set a high standard for us for the time of venues and nights we want to achieve with the label. We were a bit apprehensive with it being a Wednesday night. We wondered how busy the cub would be on a midweek night but we needn’t have worried. It was packed and the dance floor was still busy through till 7am. Besides myself and my label partner, Steve Parry we had Sealer artists Piemont and Justin Massei join us on the line up and we couldn’t have been more pleased. A top night :-)


Can you explain why you chose this particular venue for the event? How would you describe your connection to the Berlin clubbing community?  Justin lives in Berlin so he approached the club to see if there was any interest and they immediately came back with a positive response. I haven’t played in Berlin for a few years so was very happy to be back there. It’s kind of grown into the epicentre of Underground Electronic music over the last few years. So many amazing artists either come from there or have moved there, so there’s a real community that’s really leading the way. Accordingly, the clubbers there really know their onions and it’s always special when you’re playing to a clued up crowd. I’m actually going to be back there again soon as I’m playing at Suicide Circus in August. Another club I’ve heard really good things about.

So what more can we expect from your label in the foreseeable future?  Our next release is by another Berlin resident actually, Portuguese DJ, Joal. We’re having a bit of a love affair with the city right now.  And then after that we’ve got EPs from two up and coming British producers who are both having fantastic 2015s, Cristoph and Third Son.  



You just released a new track on Noir Music, your first for the label. What more can we expect from you in the coming few months? Any cool projects coming up?  I’ve just released a single on Hive Audio out of Zurich called ‘Gumball’ which has a remix by Hive Club resident Dario D’Attis and then I’ve just licensed a track to the mighty Suara called Private Educatio which is going to be part of one of their Kitties Wanna Dance compilations out in July. I’ve also just finished a couple of remixes. One for Bjorn Mandry called ‘Got To Know’ and another for Habischman & Thomas Gandey called ‘Let Me’. Not sure when they’ll be released exactly. And then I’m just about to seat working on a new mix compilation so watch this space.


The festival season is knocking on your door. What are your plans for the summer months? Any gig you’re particularly looking forward to? Glastonbury is always a highlight on my summer calendar and I also always go to Latitude. That’s great one to take the family to. My kids love it. I’m also going to be popping my Bestival cherry this year so that’s another thing I’m really looking forward to.

What’s your current Top 5? 

1. Cristoph ‘Foregone Conclusion’ [Selador]

2. Bjorn Mandry ‘Got To Know’ (Dave Seaman mix) [Cirque Du Son]

3. Sasha Carassi ‘Hard Parade’ [Drum Code]

4. Just Her ‘EP’ [Suara]

5. Frankey & Sandrino ‘Lukida’ [Innervisons]

What is the last book you read and what did you think of it?  I’m in the middle of Viv Alberine’s memoir ‘Clothes, Music, Boys’ about her time in The Slits and in the eye of the storm the was Punk. and I’m really enjoying it.  Highly recommended.

What is your all-time favorite album –regardless of genre-  and why?  An almost impossible question to answer because different albums mean different things at different times and it changes every week but if I had to pick one this week, I’d say Prince ‘Sign Of The Times’, a double album where every track is superb in it’s own right. An artist at the peak of his powers. Next week though it could be The Specials first album or New Order’s ’Sub Culture’ or The Beatles ‘Revolver’. I could go on and on. Like I said, impossible question to give a straight answer.

Any final words of wisdom to our readers? Anything goes!  Ha! How about Sagacity. That’s a word of wisdom 😉

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – June 2015

Listen again to my latest Radio Show which premieres on the third Tuesday of every month exclusively on and then syndicates to over 80 more stations worldwide. Nothing but the good stuff. Enjoy!

Tracklist as follows..

1. Terranova feat. Stereo MCs ‘Tell Me Why’ [Kompakt]

2. Art Department ‘Catch You By Surprise’ (Guy Gerber) [No.19]

3. Cristoph ‘Moments’ [Selador]

4. Piek ‘Trip To NY’ [Sincopat]

5. Habischman & Thomas Gandey ‘Let Me’ (Dave Seaman) [Lapsus]

6. Jasper James ‘Motel One’ (Skream) [Leftroom]

7. Nervo Twins ‘Haute Mess’ (Anna) [Ultra]

8. Copy Paste Soul ‘Voyager’ [Suara]

9. Kaiserdisco feat. Cari Golden ‘Electric’ (Cristoph) [KD Raw]

10. Bjorn Mandry ‘Got To Know’ (Dave Seaman) [Cirque Du Son]

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Joal ‘Uncover To Discover’ EP out now on Selador Recordings

joal 3Straight off the back of our last release by Berlin based Justin Massei and the label’s debut at the legendary Watergate club, Selador Recordings continues it’s Berlin love affair with an EP by another producer based in this influential city, Joal.

The Portuguese DJ is no stranger to the label with a his remix for Climbers and an original production on the last Showcase compilation already under his belt. But now the relationship is consummated with the wonderful EP you have in your hands.

The 4 track release is spearheaded by ‘Uncover to Discover’. A deep tech house outing that weaves subtle melodies and clipped vocal patterns through a cleverly layered arrangement. Classier than Audrey Hepburn in Dior to be sure 😉

This is followed by a Marc DePulse remix of the lead track who opts for a more direct approach whilst still retaining lots of the original’s understated parts. A proper remix in the original sense of the word. Adding strength and depth and a climatic breakdown. Expertly done.

Next up, the Supernova boys out of Italy deliver a remix of Joal’s track from the recent Selador Showcase album, ’Tomorrow’. All driving housey hi hats, bottom end toms and undulating synth stabs, this is as raw as a Japanese fish market and just as fresh. Boom!

And finally, wrapping things up, we have the bonus of ‘Exercise’ which heads purposefully into techno territory. Laced with acid, and a commanding robotron vocal, what are you doing reading this? Shouldn’t you be checking if your gym membership is up to date?

And so mon petit fleurs, yet another top flight release with that ever reliable Selador royal seal of approval. De nada.

Selador Recordings- On her majesty’s secret service x

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – May 2015

Listen again to the May edition of my Radio Therapy show which premieres on the third Tuesday of every month exclusively on Frisky Radio and then syndicates to over 80 more stations worldwide. Enjoy :-)

Tracklist as follows..

1. Breach ‘Anna Love’ [Aus]

2. Paul Ursin ‘Explorazione’ [Off]

3. SB ‘Matters Of Depth’ [Lossless]

4. Joey Negro ‘Do What You Feel’ (Supernova) [Z]

5. Matthew Herbert ‘Strong’ (Catz & Dogz)[Accidental]

6. My Favourite Robot ‘Bottom Of The Stairs’ (Christian Prommer) [Click]

7. Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba ‘Cederron’ [Suara]

8. Third Son ‘Darker Side Of The Moon’ [Selador]

9. Lee Van Dowski ‘Nekuia’ [Mobilee]

10. Justin Massei ‘Nothing Can Hide’ (Dave Seaman) [Selador]

11. Chemical Brothers ‘Electronic Battle Weapon 11’ [Virgin]


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Dave’s New Single ‘Gumball’ out now on Hive Audio

Gumball PackshotFollowing hot on the heels of the big Beatport bothering ‘Dance In Tongues’ EP on Noir Music, Dave Seaman is back with yet another dancefloor destroyer, this time for Hive Audio. The Swiss label snapped up this melodic tech house masterpiece and enlisted Deep House don, Dario D’Attis on remix duties to make a double headed release you simply cannot afford to miss. Early love and support from Alex Niggemann, DJ T, Gorge, Groove Armada, Hot Since 82, Matthias Tanzmann, Pirupa, Sasha and Waifs & Strays. Listen here..

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Justin Massei ‘Nothing Can Hide’ EP out now on selador recordings

justin_massei packshotFollowing on from  Selador Recordings debut at the legendary Watergate Club in Berlin, we deliver an EP from one of the DJs who appeared on the bill that night, the burgeoning talent that is Justin Massei.

Justin has already appeared twice on the label with contributions on both of our Showcase Compilations but now here he is in all his fully fledged glory with an EP that truly puts his flag in the sand.

Originally hailing from the US but now residing in Berlin, Mr Massei makes a strong statement of intent with a couple of raw tech house missives built specifically for those hallowed Berlin dance floors.

The lead track is an intense affair, all brooding beats and fervent swagger. Deep, dark and dirty. As is the other original production on offer, ‘The Creator’. Again, it’s all about the bottom end. Pure, undiluted dark energy.

Remixes this time around come from label boss Dave Seaman who turns in a large slab of peak time Techno. The driving bass and rattling percussion power this interpretation, punctuated by some wonky arp work that surges and cascades through the breakdowns. Big room business.

And completing the package, a producer who has lit up 2015 so far with an impressive glut of releases for the likes of Noir, Suara, Material and Go Deeva… Third Son. The Welsh wizard retains all the original’s authentic passion but adds a pulsating bassline to proceedings to provide a fuller production. Formidable stuff.

A dispatch from the darkside then. Prepare to be corrupted.

Selador Recordings – Intergalactic! x


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My latest Interview for DMC World Magazine

Dave welcome back to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you right now?

I’m in Mexico City. I played last night at Rioma which was fantastic. A proper underground dark room of a club. Low ceiling. Great sound system. Perfect.

The first piece of music you heard this morning…?

I started my day with an album by Romare called Projections. A lovely warm chilled downtempo thang that my mate Austin recommended. Perfect Sunday morning material.

Well young man, where do we start with this amazing EP on Noir Records? A very cool two tracker marking your debut on this brilliant label – The Buzz Chart is all over ‘Strobelight Symphony’…please talk us through the history, the sound and the label hook up…

Noir’s been one of my favourite labels for some time so very happy to be releasing tracks through them. It was actually a different track altogether called ‘Gumball’ that initiated things and caught the label’s interest but when they asked if I had any other music to make up and EP, I sent them Dance In Tongues and Strobelight Symphony and they decided they preferred those two instead which worked out really well as another of my favourite labels, Hive Audio really liked Gumball so they’re now going to release that at the end of May.

The label described it as a release that would appeal to “tech house and techno heads alike”, Guy Garrett at Buzz Chart HQ said “it’s deep, dramatic and pumping at every level and layer” whilst Hot Since 82, Catz n Dogz and Eats Everything are just three of the artists all over the release. You must be happy at the reception it’s received…?

Very much so. It’s always good to hear that DJs that you admire and respect are liking and playing your music. It gives you a sense of validation and approval that I think all artists crave. But I think the best thing for me with this release is that it’s helped people realise that I make and play lots of different kinds of electronic house music from deep to tech to techno and all shades in between and not just progressive house which was a brush I was tarred with for a long time.

I have known you for over 25 years and have celebrated your birthday in so many amazing places. New York, Ibiza, Sao Paulo, Paris…dude I was mightily dismayed when I saw your Facebook post saying… “today I am celebrating my birthday by cleaning the house.” What gives there sunshine…?

Haha. Yes, wasn’t the most glamorous of birthdays this year. I did fly to the US the following day though so had time to catch up on celebrations in San Fran, Chicago and LA at the weekend. Is that any better?

The 5 big tunes in your box this weekend. Please give us a few words describing each track…

Lee Van Dowski ‘Ulysses Is Back’ EP [Mobilee]?

Absolutely huge 3 tracker out of Berlin with every track 11+ minutes long. Prog house is back!

Justin Massei ‘Nothing Can Hide’ (Dave Seaman remix) [Selador]

My latest remix on my own label. Peak time Techno business :-)

Adam Beyer EP [Drumcode]

A superb 4 track EP from Adam with every track a winner in it’s own right. I’d played them all over the last few weeks.

Dee Montero ‘Full Body’ [Saved]

A House/ Techno hybrid from Mambo resident Dee with a familiar vocal sample twisted to new dimensions.

Sasha ‘Ether’ [Last Night On Earth]

Like so many of his productions, you really don’t appreciate how large it is until you drop it at the right time on a big system and it takes the roof off.

Some recent gigs I wanna touch on. Loads of clubs come and go, every year some old promoter who cannot let go re-starts their old night from the 90s…we’ve seen it all before. The Rhumba Club is one of those nights that no one gives a f**k how long it’s been around, what the future is…it’s simply one of the best club nights still around. Why is Zammo’s night still so much fun?

As anyone who’s ever been to the Rhumba will tell you, its one of the most up-for-it crowd’s that’s ever partied in the name of Acid House and also, I think they’ve been very good at keeping their original crowd whilst still moving forward musically and not falling into the retro nostalgia game. Their recent Festival Of House events have been massive booking everyone from Foals, Friendly Fires and Hot Chip DJing through James Zabiela, Derrick Carter, Slam, Marshall Jefferson and Leftfield. But it’s really testament to Zammo, Keith and Wayne and all the Rhumbateers that they’ve never lost sight of the original spirit of Acid House.

The first time you took me clubbing in your home town of Leeds back in the days of Acid House was to The Warehouse. What a history that gaff has had, you returned there last month for a gig. How was it and what are some of the memories this venue brings back for you?

Yes, its always a pleasure to be back at The Warehouse. Like you say, it’s got one helluva history and was really the first proper nightclub where I first went in my teens to hear underground dance music. I was instantly hooked of course and have never looked back since. Actually, there’s very few venues anywhere in the World that have survived as long as this place and continue to host fantastic nights. I don’t think they fully get the recognition they deserve.

A tune you will always associate with The Warehouse?

Maceo & The Macks ‘Across The Tracks’. From my very earliest days going there before House Music had really even arrived. At the height of Rare Groove this was the ultimate anthem and I remember distinctly dancing to it till I dropped on the old stage at the Warehouse (where the DJ booth is now) one Saturday around 1986. Magical memories.

Your Radio Therapy show is now syndicated to over 80 stations worldwide. Where is the most far flung place someone has contacted you to tell you they are tuning in?

The Maldives was quite exotic. Not sure how good their internet connection was though. I think there might have been some buffering going on! Everywhere I go I get lovely feedback on the show though. I’m really pleased at how it’s taken off and how many people tell me it’s the highlight of their musical month. It’s become a real flagship for me and I’m enjoying doing it more than ever.

Pikes in Ibiza was loads of fun last year with your label throwing some great parties. You returning to the white isle this summer?

I’ll be there for IMS and the opening weekends in a couple of weeks although I’m going to have the family in tow with me so I suspect there’ll be more beaches and swimming pools that late nights out clubbing. I hoping to make it to the Dalt Villa event though up in the old town and I’m sure I’ll make an appearance or two at Mambos. It’s usually my first point of call to catch up on all the latest Island gossip.

 3 bucket list adventures you wanna do in your lifetime?

Well I’d like to see Leeds United back in the Premier League. That’d be an adventure and something that’s definitely on my bucket list but unfortunately, it’s kinda out of my hands that one. But two other ambitions I’ve got left are to do my own artist album and eventually write a book. A memoir of such. I will get round to both  eventually but they’re such big projects, that fitting them into a non stop touring schedule and family life is easier said than done. I’m sure I’ll know when the time is right.

A festival you are looking forward to this summer…

Oh, without doubt, Glastonbury. I missed it last year having been to the previous 6 on the trot and was having withdrawal symptoms while it was on. It truly is the mother of all Festivals for me. I’ll be playing after hours on at The Glade Lounge on the Friday and then staying for the whole weekend to soak it all up. I think I’m also going to be popping my Bestival cherry this year too though so very much looking forward to that as well.

The last GREAT new album you heard…

To be honest. I’m a little bit behind with my album listening at the moment. I’ve only been able to flick through my recent purchases but I’d say Blur, Django Django & Alabama Shakes have been the ones that caught my ear.

It’s just been the General Election in the UK…woooh you got some flack on Facebook with the whole Banksy/UKIP photo. All part and parcel of being in the public eye yup?

Yeah, it seems that I’m not allowed to express any other views on social media apart from stuff that’s musically related. Stick to your field and STFU about everything else. One dimensional little me. Funny, because everybody else seems to be able to express their views but no, not if you’re an artist. One guy was threatening to boycott my page if I posted anything political again. I wouldn’t mind if i was doing it all the time and getting on people’s nerves but I don’t. I won’t listen of course. If they can’t accept a different opinion from their own from time to time that’s their problem. I’ll post what I want when I want on my own page and they’re free to unlike me whenever they want. Am I bovvered?! 😉

The last AMAZING film you saw?

Whiplash. Hard to believe that the relationship between a music teacher and student could be so thrilling. Birman was amazing too. Another film that was just brimming with energy. There’s been some other good films since the Oscars, Ex Machina and Kingsman spring to mind, but none that fall into the category of ‘AMAZING’. I’m really looking forward to Tomorrowland with George Clooney though. Got high hopes for that one. And Ted 2 of course 😉

A really important date in the Selador label diary is May 20th at the mighty Watergate in Berlin. What have you got planned for us all? You must be so excited…

Yes, of course, it’s a big one. The club is so legendary and with Berlin being the epicentre of the clubbing world right now, it’s something of a coup for us to get a Showcase night so early in the label’s development. Myself and my label partner Steve Parry will both be DJing plus two of our German based artists, Piemont & Justin Massei. It’s undoubtedly gonna be one of the highlights of the year.

And finally dude, what is coming next from the Dave Seaman studio…

I’ve got a remix for Justin Massei coming on Selador on May 18th called ‘Nothing Can Hide’ which is big room Techno and that’s followed by the aforementioned ‘Gumball’ the week after on Hive Audio with a Dario D’Attis remix which is more Techy. I’ve also licensed a track to Suara called ‘Private Education’ which is more aloneg the same lines as Dance In Tongues, Deep Tech House, which is due in July I think. Plus I’m doing remixes for Habischman & Thomas Gandey, Marc Marzenit and Climbers in the next couple of months so yes, pretty busy 😉


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Radio Therapy Broadcast – April 2015

Listen again to my latest radio show which premieres on the third Tuesday of every month exclusively on and then syndicates to over 80 other stations worldwide. Nothing but the good stuff. Enjoy 😉

Tracklist as follows..

1. Dave Seaman ‘Private Education’ [Suara]

2. Third Son ‘Gauze’ [Go Deeva]

3. Yousef ‘ The Courtship’ [B Pitch Control]

4. Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld ‘Epkia’ [Kompakt]

5. Dave Seaman ‘Strobelight Symphony’ [Noir]

6. Jaap Ligthart feat. Alice Rose ‘I Know Change’ (SHOW-B) [Selador]

7. Anna ‘Distractions’ [Tiles]

8. KiNK ‘Cloud Generator’ [Running Back]

9. Kolsch ‘Der Die Das’ [Kompakt]

10. Leftfield ‘Universal Everything’ [Infectious]

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