Live Mix from Watergate, Berlin

Recorded live at Selador’s 5th Birthday launch party at Watergate Berlin on April 26th, here’s Dave’s set in it’s entirety including an exclusive of his brand new track ‘Rodales’ which is forthcoming on Selador in July. Enjoy!


1. Super Flu ‘Doppt’ [Monaberry]

2. Denis Horvat ‘Guilty Pleasures’ [Exit Strategy]

3. Giorgia Anguilla ‘You Caress’ (Moonwalk) [Systematic]

4. Anii ‘Korzenie’ [Kompakt]

5. Super Flu ‘Ark’ [Monaberry]

6. K.E.E.N.E ‘Goroboteando’ (Stereo MC’s) [Connected]

7. Mulya ‘Favilla’ [Monaberry]

8. Danny Howells ‘Isolar’ [8 Bit]

9. Moonwalk ‘Zed’ [Stil Vor Talent]

10. Eagles & Butterflies, John Digweed & Nick Muir ‘Divenire’ [Bedrock]

11. Patrice Baumel ‘The Hatchet’ [Afterlife]

12. Dysart ’Tribalee’ [Kneaded Pains]

13. Enzo Elia & Musumeci ‘Gothic Safari’ [Kompakt]

14. Rafael Cerato & Lunar Plane ‘Darkclaw’ [Stil Vor Talent]

15. Ilija Djokovic ‘Pandora’ (Olivier Giacomotto) [Terminal M]

16. Jiggler ’Serenity’ [Hive]

17. Circle Sky ‘The Light’ (Patrice Baumel) [BMG]

18. Olivier Giacomotto ‘A1’ [Noir]

19. Dave Seaman ‘Rodales’ [Selador]

20. Martin Eyerer, Ackermann & Thomas Gandey ‘Don’t Change’ (Dave Seaman) [Ignite]

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – May 2018

Listen again to Dave’s widely acclaimed Radio Therapy Broadcast – Electronic Music Radio above and beyond the call of duty each and every month. You’re welcome :-)


1. Rancido ‘Peacock Trance’ [Klassified]

2. Sabb ‘Jeopardised’ [Radiant]

3. Clavis ‘Prodomo’ [Freerange]

4. Claptone ft. Nathan Nicholson ‘Under The Moon’ (Catz ’n Dogz) [Different]

5. Tim Green ‘Echo’ [Cocoon]

6. Denis Horvat ‘Paradon’ [Exit Strategy]

7. Eagles & Butterflies, John Digweed & Nick Muir ‘Crazy Diamond’ [Bedrock]

8. Antrim & Some Little Things ‘Just So You Know’ (Ran Salman) [Beat Boutique]

9. Acumen & JOBE ‘Incontrolable’ [Selador]

10. Kaiserdisco ‘Varuna’ (Adana Twins) [Ironic]

11. UNER ‘Infinite Pledge’ [Solar Distance]


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Faze Magazine Interview

Talking all things Selador to coincide with the label’s 5th Birthday celebrations, here’s my recent interview for the Germany’s Faze Magazine transcribed into English…


Wow, time went by so fast… You and Steve Parry have managed the label Selador for five years now. We tried to figure out what Selador means – but did not find it. Please help us.
We adapted the name from a line in the cult film ‘Donnie Darko’ where it’s said that the syllables that make up the words ‘Cellar Door’ are the most beautiful sounding combination in the English language. It kind of struck a chord with us. Musically, we’re always on the search for beauty and perfection :)
How long have you known each other and how did you get the idea to start a label?
We’ve known each other for almost 30 years! Steve served me vinyl for many years throughout the 90s and early 2000s when he worked at 3 Beat Records so we’d always had a bond over our shared love of music and clubbing. After I had laid my previous label, Audio Therapy, to rest in 2011, I took some time off from that side of the business but it wasn’t long before I realised how much I missed it. So when Steve mentioned to me during a phone conversation we had late in 2012, that it was one of his ambitions to run a record label, it wasn’t a stretch for me to propose the idea of starting an imprint together. 6 months later, Selador was born.
Let’s review the first five years of Selador. Which acts are under contract and what is Selador’s style?
We’re really happy with how far we’ve come and what we’ve achieved in our first 5 years. It’s such a competitive business running an independent dance music label these days so it’s hard to establish yourself but we believe we’re slowly getting there. We’ve worked really hard and there’s still a lot more work to do. We’ve always tried to release a variety of styles that reflected our wide tastes. We definitely didn’t want to get stuck in one niche genre. Hence, over our short history we’ve released everything from the tougher Techno influenced work of Reset Robot, Wehbba and Victor Ruiz through to the deeper end of the spectrum such as Ruede Hagelstein, Tim Engelhardt & Charles Webster. And everything in-between! But if we’re asking who’s actually appeared on the label the most? Aside from Steve & I, that accolade would probably fall to either Quivver or Robert Babicz. Too close to call.
It’s better look forward than back but with you, it is worthwhile to have a look at the past. Keyword “Global Underground”. How did you experience this time? It was the stepping stone for you to the top?
Yes, I look back on the big Global Underground years with very fond memories. It’s not so often the Underground actually becomes mainstream for such a extended period of time but that is exactly what happened around the end of the 90s and start of the new millennium. There was a huge appetite for what we were doing all around the World. So many new places were really just opening up to the dance music/DJ revolution so they were very exciting times. I think GU really managed to capture that with their releases. It was an honour to be part of it. 
Back to the future: What are the future plans with Selador?
Our immediate focus is our 5th Birthday. It’s a big project for us and we’re very proud of the results. We’ve lined up have 3 EPs featuring 12 exclusive collaboration tracks between 24 of our artists. The final line up is..
Quivver & Cristoph
Stelios Vassiloudis & Robert Babicz
Raw District & Just Her
Luke Brancaccio & Tim Healey
Martin Eyerer & Namito
Florian Kruse & Justin Massei
Acumen & JOBE
Gorge & Joeski
Guy Mantzur & Lonya
Marc DePulse & Several Definitions
Wally Lopez & Joal
And finally Steve & myself
As you can see, it’s a huge project! 
On April 26, you celebrate the fifth anniversary of Selador at the Watergate club in Berlin. What about the line-up, is there already a timetable and what awaits the party people?
Steve & I will both be playing alongside our Berlin resident Justin Massei and this time our guest will be Quivver. It’s going to be be our 4th label showcase at Watergate. It’s such a great club and we’ve always had such great fun there, we really couldn’t think of anywhere better to kickstart our 5th Birthday celebrations. 
Your current top 5 tracks are:
Well, whilst we’re talking all things Selador, let’s make it a current Selador Top 5.
1. Florian Kruse & Lazarusman ’Breathe’ (Frankey Remix)
3. Dave Seaman & Steve Parry ‘Repeat Offender’ 
3. Cristoph & Quivver ‘In Name Only’
4. Gorge & Joeski ‘Jogo’ 
5. Luke Brancaccio & Tim Healey feat. Kiki Cave ‘I Hear Voices’ 


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Selador 5th Birthday EP Part One – out now

5elador fifth oneIt’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years already since we smashed a metaphorical bottle on the side of the good ship Selador and set sail upon the choppy waters of the independent record label business, but that’s where we’re at.

To celebrate this milestone we wanted to do something a little bit special and so it was decided (on a beer mat, over a beer, like so many of our best laid plans) to assemble a team of artists who’d helped us get thus far (plus a few added cameos for good measure) and ask them to collaborate. The result is a statement of just how far we’ve come. 24 esteemed artists creating 12 tracks across 3 EPs.

This first EP sees 4 mouthwatering pairings. From the Progressive heavy hitters Quivver & Cristoph teaming up for the slamming wall of sound that is ‘In Name Only’ to the deep Tech wizardry of ‘Friendship’ by Robert Babicz & Stelios Vassiloudis through the inspired, effortless chic of Just Her & Raw District on ‘Three Hearts’ finishing with the ‘knock-it-out-of-the-park’ Techno monster of Luke Brancaccio & Tim Healey’s ‘Voices’ featuring Kiki Cave, it’s an awesome foursome. And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

So please raise your glasses and join us in a toast to 5 Years Of Selador. Or even better, come join us in person at Watergate, Berlin on April 26th for the launch party. We’ll even throw in some cake (though not in the Steve Aoki sense obviously).

Happy Birthday to us

Team Selador


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Radio Therapy Broadcast – April 2018

Listen again to Episode 93 of Dave’s Radio Therapy series featuring this month the likes of Patrice Baumel, Frankey, Super Flu, Martin Eyerer plus two brand new productions from Dave himself. Turn it up loud!


1. Florian Kruse & Lazarusman ‘Breathe’ (Frankey) [Selador]

2. Sabb ‘Turning Point’ [Radiant]

3. Undercatt ‘Abissi’ [Diynamic]

4. Giorgia Anguli & Lake Avalon ‘You Caress’ (Moonwalk) [Stil Vor Talent]

5. Anii “Korzenie’ [Kompakt]

6. Super Flu ‘Ark’ [Monaberry]

7. Martin Eyerer, Ackermann & Thomas Gandey ‘Don’t Change’ (Dave Seaman) [Ignite]

8. Dave Seaman & Steve Parry ‘Repeat Offender’ [Selador]

9. Patrice Bäumel ‘Serpent’ [Afterlife]

10. Third Son ‘Delirium’ [Natura Sonoris]

11. Undefined ‘Incognito’ (Steve Parry) [Republik]

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Florian Kruse & Lazarusman ‘Breathe’ out now on Selador

florian kruse 2-1


For our latest Seladorian adventure, chapter 83 no less, we welcome back to the fold a potent partnership who have previous with the label, German Producer Florian Kruse and the self proclaimed South African slam poet, Lazarusman.

The duo previously teamed up for one of our highlights of 2017 with their ‘Proof Of Life’ release which found favour from all quarters of the electronic cognoscenti and now they return with another standout in the majestic, ’Breathe’.

Built upon Florian’s tight pulsating groove, Lazarus extols the benefits of that simple, life sustaining action we all largely take for granted in his own unmistakable, idiosyncratic style. It’s a winning combination. Listen up.

The task of remixing Breathe falls to a producer who we are overjoyed to have on the label. In fact, we are truly honoured to have the World’s first ever Frankey solo production whilst his regular recording partner Sandrino is absent on maternity leave following the birth of his first child.

No stranger to being in the studio alone of course, Frank has flown solo before under his other alias, Beckers, and he shows off his own personal production prowess yet again here with a deeper rework that had us purring from the get-go.

To complete the package, Florian also throws further fuel on the fire with ’Skyarp’. Like so many of the bonus tracks we have on our EPs at Selador, they’re not just here to make up the numbers, they’re all star players in their own right and here’s another that demands your attention. A peak time, acid laced monster that’ll set pulses racing.

Team Selador – inhale, exhale.


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DMC World Interview

DSC08442 effect

Hey Dave a huge welcome back to DMCWORLD, where on this crazy planet are you today?

I’m in Barbados on a tour of North America with my 3D cohorts Danny Howells & Darren Emerson. 

So much going on in your musical world at the moment, let’s kick off with the big news that Renaissance are back on the clubbing map with a series of fresh new events around the UK kicking off with your night alongside Patrice Baumel and Marino Canal at Brighton’s Concorde 2 in a few weeks – which we will come to in a moment. But let’s kick back to when the Renaissance story began – we were both running Mixmag at the time and had known for some time about Geoff Oakes’s plans for his now legendary new night that began life in Mansfield. It was obvious from the start that this was something different for a nation more used to fields, sweaty clubs and MCs wondering where the whistle posses were. Renaissance oozed class from day one, what are your memories of those early days…?

I remember struggling to get in on the opening night! I think I’d DJ’ed in Sheffield if my memory serves me correctly and drove to Mansfield afterwards at like 4 in the morning to catch the end of the night. It was chaos outside with tonnes of people still trying to get in. The 6am license was still quite a rare thing back then. Once I did get in though, it was pretty obvious it was going to become a game changer. They’d managed to combine some of the best elements of New York nightlife with the energy of the UK’s Acid House explosion and presented it with just enough pomp and ceremony. It was a potent mix. 

How important was/has Renaissance been to the club scene over the years, what has made it stand out and shine for decade after decade?

It was very important in changing perceptions about dance music. Up until then, the very early days of Acid House culture was generally a pretty amateurish scene powered more by passion than know-how with most events thrown together with the DIY ethic of punk. Renaissance, with it’s stylish branding and production values, showed the way things could be done and heralded a new era of clubbing in the UK. The marketing, the artistic ambition, the attention to detail… they definitely raised the game.

What are some of your stand out memories from playing and partying at Renaissance?

The 2nd birthday at The Que Club in Birmingham always stands out for me. The production on that one was next level with huge fluffy clouds made from cotton wool suspended above the dance floor over which little cherub statues presided, all lit up with dramatic strobe lighting. It was all very theatrical. I remember having a ‘moment’ sitting on the highest row at the very back of the venue overlooking the whole thing and thinking how far UK club culture had come in such a few short years but also realising how much more could be achieved. Little did I know the extent of it. 

A tune that will always remind you of Renaissance?

There’s loads that are particularly synonymous with Renaissance for me. 

Bedrock’s ‘For What You Dream Of’ which was John’s first ever release which we put out on Stress Records, Age Of Love’s ‘Age Of Love’, Sasha’s mix of Hysterix’s ‘Talk To Me’. In fact, the track I made with my Brothers In Rhythm studio partner Steve Anderson under the Brothers Love Dubs alias ‘The Mighty Ming’ was made particularly with Renaissance in mind. 

Which brings us to Brighton on April 14th and a date with one of The Netherlands’ finest. Have you played with Patrice before, what are  you expecting?

It will be our first meeting face to face although we’ve been in touch for a while online. For me, he’s one of the best producers out there right now and judging by his superb Essential Mix recently he’s no slouch behind the decks either! He’s the ideal DJ to carry the Renaissance torch into a new era. 

You have a long history with the town of Brighton. We used to be down there most weekends for The Zap and The Escape Club, the scene has had it’s ups and downs in recent years but the place will always have happy memories for you?

Yeah, I’ve had some great times down in Brighton over the years. I think my first time playing there was on The Pier at one of the very early Bedrocks which is where I first met Danny Howells. We were just talking about that the other day actually. Back when John Digweed was going under the name DJ JD! That’s how long ago we’re talking!! 

Right let’s dip into Dave Seaman world. I am not sure if Guinness World Records have been in touch yet, but it seems the trophy for the most countries DJ’d in has surely landed on your mantelpiece now. Where have been some of the stand out countries you have smashed in 2018 so far?

Ha! Well, I started the year off in Pakistan and as I already mentioned, right now I’m in Barbados so that’s two new places to add to the ever growing list. It’s been a great start to 2018 actually. I had another wonderful gig in Sydney at Cafe Del Mar on my recent trip down there and a couple of great shows on our current 3D tour of North America. Ethics Lounge in Austin, Texas had a really special vibe and the Ibiza Global Radio party in the jungle in Tulum, Mexico was definitely the most beautiful spot I’ve played this year. We’re so, so lucky to get to travel to these places. Never in my wildest dreams when I started DJing all those years ago did I think it would allow me to travel all over the World. 

Your outstanding start to the year studio wise follows the success of your ‘Virgo Ryzin’ release with another Beatport biggie, ‘Hired Sate of Unconsciousness’ which forms part of the first ever 3D EP with Danny Howells and Darren Emerson. Can you talk us through the EP…

Yeah, we were very happy to release the first EP on Selador. When we started the 3D Project, we immediately floated the idea of getting Danny back into the studio and to be fair, he didn’t take much persuasion. So his contribution, ‘Earthlings X’ is his first original material in over 6 years and has done really well. I think he’s still sat in the Beatport Deep House Top 10 as we speak, several weeks after we released. I was really happy with how well ‘Hired State’ did personally for me too reaching number 2 in the Progressive section. And Darren’s track ‘Brooklyn’ also got a tonne of high profile support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Noir, Timo Maas and Carl Cox. So all told, I think we can consider it a success. We’re already talking about the next one :-)

What are the next plans for 3D studio wise and will you be hitting the festivals together this year?

Yes we’re doing quite a few festivals throughout Europe during the summer. I think there’s already 5 or so booked in for the UK, Belgium and Holland. And there’s definitely an appetite for all of us to get into the studio together at some point. It’s just a question of time really. Getting all our diaries to align seems to be our biggest challenge. 

Solo wise, what is the next Dave Seaman production swinging our way?

Next up will be collaboration track I’ve done with my label partner Steve Parry for Selador’s 5th Birthday project called ‘Repeat Offender’ closely followed by a remix just finished for Martin Eyerer, Ackermann & Thomas Gandey on their new label. I’ve also got EPs lined up for Alex Niggemann’s Soul Fooled and Affkt’s Sincopat imprint before another Selador single in the summer. After also doing stuff for Suara and Sudbeat, it’s starting to seem like I only make music for labels beginning with S! 😉

Your beloved Selador Recordings commemorates it’s 5th Birthday this month with a landmark series of EPs featuring some exclusive collaborations between some of the label’s roster of artists. What can you tell us young man?

It all started with the idea of Steve (Parry) & I doing this track together and quickly developed into a whole project of collabs. There’s some mouthwatering pairings including Cristoph & Quivver, Robert Babicz & Stelios Vassiloudis, Raw District & Just Her and Luke Brancaccio & Tim Healey. And that’s the just first EP! EPs 2 and 3 are equally as strong. 

And word on the grapevine is that you have some big Selador parties on the way?

We’re going to do our 5th Birthday launch party at Watergate, Berlin with myself and Steve alongside Quivver and Justin Massei. It’ll be our 4th label showcase there. It’s always one we look forward to. And yes, we’re in discussion with a few other venues about further parties over the summer. It’s still early days though so let’s see how things pan out. Watch this space. 

What are the 3 big tunes in your box this weekend, please give us a few words on each…

The new Patrice Baumel ‘The Hatchet’ on Afterlife immediately springs to mind. He’s managed to come up with another big one that really stands out from the crowd. Got a feeling you’re going to be hearing a lot of it over the coming months. Next, I’ll say a brand new remix Steve’s (Parry) done for the Republik label out of Ireland called ‘Incognito’ by Undefined. It’s a big melodic arpy thing . Proper end-of-night business. And finally, I’m really happy with my new single for Selador that I alluded to in your earlier question. It’s been a highlight in my sets for the last few weeks. It’s called ‘Rodales’. 10 points for guessing where the title came from 😉

With so much traveling, studio work and performing, how on earth do you juggle a family life with a wife and young boys back home wanting a part of you?

It is difficult but I try not to be away for more than a few days at a time. It’s actually pretty rare that I’m away for two consecutive weekends. I tend to get the last flight out and first flight back to wherever I’m going each weekend and once I’m back there’s no real time for recovery. Sleep or no sleep, I have to hit the ground running with family duties. It’s not for the faint hearted. 

Your football team Leeds United are on the rise again, how far away are we from the days of a Leeds Manchester pitch tussle?

Unfortunately, I think we are still a way off from that right now. It’s another season of mid table mediocrity for us this season I’m afraid. We started really well but fell away again.The Championship is such a competitive league, you either need a lot of luck or some serious investment and we’ve had neither. Although, after a decade of being raped and pillaged by various shady owners it does look like we’ve finally got someone in now who is willing to put some money to the cause. Let’s see. I think most football fans would like to see Leeds back in the Premiere League. We’re a big club with a huge history who’ve been under achieving for way too long. 

And finally gotta ask, you are a great lover of films and often post about the latest films rocking your world. But Dave son, have you shares in the film Paddington 2 or something?!?!?!

Haha. I’m not alone in thinking it’s one of the best films of the last year mate. Check the reviews! Just because it’s essentially a film for kids doesn’t mean it can’t be appreciated on a different level by adults. Honestly, Paddington 2 is positively Wes Anderson-esque at times! There’s so much more going on under the surface. A lot of the Pixar films are the same. And the first two Lego Movies were also superb. As the old saying goes, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. 

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3D Interview & Podcast for Dancing Astronaut

To coincide with their North American Easter Tour, Dave together with his partners in crime Danny Howells and Darren Emerson talked to Dancing Astronaut about all things 3D. Read all about it here >>

Hi guys, tell us what led to the creation of 3D. Whose idea was it and what’s your goal with the project? Plus do you see it as something long-term?
Danny: We’ve all known each other for years, so when we ended up playing together at Ministry we obviously loved it and wanted to take it further, which is where Dave really came into action in terms of tying it all together.
I think we’ve all done so much during our careers that our goals now are to enjoy what we do, as well as getting into some new areas, both geographically and musically, that we might not have strayed into before.
Dave: I suggested branding the night at the Ministry Of Sound as 3D as a bit of a joke initially. I really didn’t expect it to take on a life all of it’s own and turn into an actual thing. But now it is, I think we’ve all realised that it’s going to be a lot of fun travelling and playing together. Who knows where it will all lead. For the moment, we’re really enjoying it and long may that continue.
3D’s creation lead to Danny Howells’ first original material getting released in years. Can we expect more 3D EPs like the last one on Dave’s label Selador coming soon? Plus will the three of you be creating a track together in the coming future?


Danny: I’d taken a massive hiatus from production although I always knew I’d start again when the time was right, and this project gave me the nudge I needed.
Dave: Yeah we were so happy we managed to coerce Dan back into the studio. I think you’ll agree he was ready as his output has already proved, but he just needed a little push. We’re already talking about the next EP and there’s definitely an appetite for us all to do something together at some point. Goodness knows how that will turn out but I look forward to it.
With each of you being a legend in your own right, how difficult was it you adjusting to becoming a team?  What does each of you bring to 3D and how you balance everything out? Plus how are you able to read each other if one of you goes off on a tangent?
Danny: I don’t think any of us see ourselves as being a legend, so when we get in the box together there’s only two goals – play as well as we can and have a blast doing it! There is a musical adjustment to playing as a threesome instead of solo, but we always pick our sets to pieces afterwards to see what worked and what didn’t, and how we can make it better next time.
I think we’re all capable of going off on tangents, but as we usually wind up doing just two or three tracks each, we tend to stay in check!
With such a history of success behind you all, what motivates you to continue pushing things forward and searching for new audiences?


Danny: For me it still boils down to the buzz I get from playing the tunes I adore to people who hopefully enjoy them as much as I do. And even on those nights that aren’t a raging success, I still get off on hearing my favourite tracks on a big system.


Darren: I’ve been doing this for 30 years now and never get tired of seeing the reactions big tunes get on the dance floor. I still love discovering new producers and searching for the perfect beat. Guess you could say it’s become a life-long habit.     
You’re touring the States soon. Will you be creating a special playlist for the shows? Or just ‘freestyling’?
Danny: We tend look at each size, set time etc to get a rough idea of what we’ll do, whether we go straight in with the bangers or whether we’ve got time to work through the genres a bit. There’s no planning as such, and we tweak things up during the night if we feel it needs it.
We’re all very honest with each other and tell each other afterwards exactly what we thought. Our post gig autopsies are pretty epic!
Dave: I think part of the fun is the spontaneity. Not really knowing where each of us might take the narrative keeps us all on our toes. Being slightly out of our comfort zones is stimulating and as all of us have been DJing longer than we care to remember, I think we’re relishing the challenge.
fb_preview copy
If you each had to choose one track from your repertoire that you had to play at every gig the rest of your lives, which would it be?


Danny: Damn this is a hard one! If I had to choose one of my own songs then I’d maybe go for “Laid Out”, purely because I’ve already played it out so many times and never got bored of it.  If it was someone else’s tune then maybe something like “Accadian” by The Mole, or Jimpster’s old remix of Robert Babicz, for the same reason. I’ve absolutely rinsed those.


Darren: I’ve always loved Speedy J’s – Rise. Still sounds fresh today. 
Dave: One of mine you mean? I’d probably go with ‘Nightfalls’. It’s very easy to get bored of your own productions, especially when you spend so long in the studio making them but I  never seem to get bored of that one, largely due to the timeless vocal by Gaelle Adisson if I’m honest.
What are other stuff are you guys doing for the rest of the year? Plus are there any special projects you want to talk about?


Danny: We have a load of 3D gigs lined up which I’m really looking forward to, as well as further studio escapades as discussed before.
I’m cracking on with the production, with my next release coming out in the next month or so, as well as keeping busy with the activism stuff I do when at home and trying, but not always succeeding, to stay out of trouble!


Darren: I’ve got some remixes coming out soon for DJ Hell on his International Deejay Gigolos imprint, plus there’s one for Gus Gus and also another one coming soon for Glenn Morrison on his Fall From Grace label.  DJ feedback has been great for all of them, so am looking forward to them seeing the light of day.  I’ve also got some collabs on the way, including another one with John Digweed and Nick Muir. Tracer got a lot of traction, so we were all really pleased with the results.   
Dave: My focus for the next couple of months is on my label, Selador’s 5th Birthday. We’ve got 24 artists making exclusive collaboration tracks together that we’re releasing as 3 separate EPs and launching the whole thing at Watergate in Berlin at the end of April. It’s gonna be a big statement project for us. We’re really proud of it. I’ve also got releases lined up on AFFKT’s Sincopat label and Alex Niggemann’s Soul Fooled, plus remixes for Martin Eyerer & Tim Engelhardt. It’s going to be a busy year.
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Radio Therapy Broadcast – March 2018

Listen again to the very finest contemporary underground electronic house music courtesy of Dave’s widely acclaimed monthly Radio Therapy Broadcast. Saddle up!


1. Wild Dark feat, Alex Who? ‘Why Not’ [TrueColours]

2. Steve Parry ‘Squidfist’ (Charles Webster Mix) [Selador]

3. Stereocalypse ‘Blue Dome Escargot’ [Innervisions]

4. Catz N Dogz ‘Elixir’ (Jonathan Kaspar) [Pets]

5. Zoo Brazil ‘Mentor’ [Last Night On Earth]

6. Marst ‘Escape’ [Bedrock]

7. K.E.E.N.E ‘Goroboteando’ (Stereo MCs) [Connected]

8. Andhim ‘Stay Close To Me’ [Superfriends]

9. Kevin Yost ’Too Shy’ [Suara]

10. Ryan Murgatroyd ’Something Said’ (Super Flu) [Get Physical]

11. Christian Nielsen ’Together’ [Exploited Ghetto]

12. George Fitzgerald ‘The Echo Forgets’ [Double Six]

13. Bicep ‘Opal’ (Four Tet) [Ninja Tune]

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Steve Parry ‘Squidfist’ EP Out now on Selador

steve parry - squidfist2-2It gives us enormous pleasure here at Selador Towers to see the boss (or Sir Steven of Parry as he insists we address him) scaling unprecedented heights with his recent studio output. The frequency, consistency and quality of his productions has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and we believe he’s only just getting into his stride.

Now notching up his 3rd full release on the label, not to mention a selection of outstanding remixes for the likes of Wally Lopez and Rob Hes, his new outing, the deliciously titled Squidfist EP is exactly the kind of thing that gets us out of bed in a morning.

A powerhouse of textbook electronic goodness that draws on over 20 years of dance floor experience and expertise, this one goes straight for the jugular and never lets up. With a nod and a wink and a doff of the cap to Lil Louis’ perennial ‘French Kiss’, it’s bona fide stomper.

First out of the traps on remix duty, we are honoured to have Mr Charles Webster join our extended family. Something of a God around these parts, his name and pedigree is an assurance of class and quality and here is no exception. Deep, dark and deadly.

Next we welcome back James Dutton, aka Athea, whose currency has continued to rise since his Selador debut early last year with his lauded remix for Just Her. Here he opts for a more stripped back approach, a techy roller that glides and grooves in an effortlessly chic manner.

And finally, the proverbial cherry on top comes courtesy of blossoming Manchester duo, OC & Verde who get to grips with Steve’s previous Selador release, ‘303V’. A firm favourite of John Digweed’s who practically wore his copy out such was the extent of his support, this new version is equally potent. Solid peak time roof raising action.

Team Selador – Riding the rhythm.


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