New Renaissance Masters compilation out soon

Masters Series packshotSo happy to announce that my next compilation, a new Renaissance Masters, is completed and due for release on October 10th. After a brief adjournment during a difficult time over the last year, it’s so good to have Renaissance back in the game just in time for their 20th anniversary next year. The planned celebrations are shaping up to be very special indeed. As for my album, I’m very proud to be the one asked to start this next chapter in the Renaissance story. I’m the only DJ to have been with them from the very start, through thick & thin, and this is my 12th album for them. I know a lot of you have you’re own personal favourite and I get many requests to recreate something similar to one of those old albums but they are of their own time & place. Going backwards is not something that interests me and is not what our scene is all about. I believe each album should try to capture the time of which they were made. So this compilation is strictly 2011. A veritable smorgasbord of electronic house. From deeper beginnings through to full on techno, I hope the blood, sweat & tears shine through. They bloody better do! ;-)Enjoy.

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