Namito ‘Anakeys’ EP Out Now on Selador



After two cameo appearances on our Showcase Series (Volumes 4 & 6), Namito now returns for a starring role of his own making with the ’Anakeys’ EP.

For the uninitiated, the Iranian born, Berlin based producer is quite the team player, working behind the scenes on many a wide-ranging project from Marc Romboy’s lauded live orchestral shows to engineering for the legendary Grandmaster Flash!

It’s two solo creations though that form the basis of this EP with the title track leading from the front. A prime example of a tune that works its way into the subconscious unannounced and then stubbornly refuses to budge. A humdinger if ever there was one!

The ’Anakeys’ remixes then come from two fertile hotspots of electronic music, Berlin and Brighton via Kling Klong boss Martin Eyerer and long time friend of the label, Just Her who both bring their A-games to the party with reworks of a truly high calibre.

And finally, not to be overlooked, we’re also very proud to include ‘Little Cheat Treats’ just for good measure. A bonus track that on any other occasion could easily have commanded top billing.

For many, this may even prove to be a show stealer. You decide.

Team Selador – Above and beyond the call of duty.

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – February 2018

Listen again to the latest episode of Dave’s lauded Radio Therapy series. This month featuring new music from DJ Koze, Guy J, Danny Howells, Mind Against and more. The show is now syndicated to over 100 stations worldwide. Sixty more minutes of the good stuff, you know the drill >>

1. Dave Seaman ‘Hired State Of Unconsciousness’  [Selador]

2. Danny Howells ‘Earthlings X’ [Selador]

3. Chus & Ceballos, Dennis Cruz ‘The Sun’ [Stereo]

4. Nick Muir ‘Mirror Walk’ (Khen) [Bedrock]

5. Moonwalk ‘Zed’ [Stil Vor Talent]

6. Dayne S feat. Max Joni ‘Patience’ (Sascha Braemer) [What I Play]

7. Klunsh ‘Imaona [MoBlack]

8. Guy J ‘Airborne’ [Lost & Found]

9. Florian Kruse ’Skyarp’ [Selador]

10. Mind Against ‘Days Gone’ [Afterlife]

11. DJ Koze ‘Seeing Aliens’ [Pampa]

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3D EP Out Now on Selador

3d e.p.3-5Something that started out as a bit of fun between 3 long time friends has quickly taken on a life all of it’s own as Danny Howells, Dave Seaman & Darren Emerson’s 3D project continues to gather pace.

Following their first gig together at the Ministry Of Sound in London one year ago, the intrepid trio have already left their mark on some of the best clubs in the World and now embark on their first release together as each contributes an original production to this EP.

‘Earthlings X’ is Danny Howells first new original music in 6 years. He readily admits it has been this project that has been the catalyst in inspiring him to return to the studio and promises this is just the start of things to come. It carries all the hallmarks of the Howells sound. Deep and sophisticated, steadily increasing in intensity before you unwittingly find yourself enveloped in a cocoon of warm electronic goodness. Danny & the feel good factor – if that’s not a band name waiting to happen we don’t know what is?! Spot the sample anyone?

Selador’s very own Dave Seaman then returns to the label with another wonderfully titled outing in ’Hired State Of Unconsciousness’ but don’t be fooled by the play on words of Josh Wink’s classic, this is no peak time acid banger. On the contrary. Revolving around an incessant bassline and ‘Mind, Body Soul’ vocal motif, it’s charm lies in it’s repetitive funk. Time to get your groove on.

Darren Emerson has stepped up his musical output quite considerably over the last 12 months with an impressive string of high profile releases for the likes of Carl Cox’s Intec and John Digweed’s Bedrock and that’s all set to continue as he opens his account for 2018 with ‘Brooklyn’. A sharp-as-a-knife, funky techno workout with a relentless, unswerving energy. Hands up, heads down material.

3D – all for one and one for all!

Team Selador – En garde!


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3D Ibiza Voice Podcast

_DSC8738Together with my 3D partners in crime Darren Emerson & Danny Howells we were invited to participate in the esteemed Ibiza Voice Podcast series contributing an exclusive 60 minute Mix and an interview that talks about music sourcing, our record collections and avacados!

What’s forthcoming from 3D and what noteworthy shows have you done recently?  

Darren: Looking forward to some exciting 3D shows this year. There’s a US tour planned, we’re back at the Ministry Of Sound where the whole 3D idea began, plus we’re doing festivals in Holland and Belgium. The Belgian one is a charity event called Techno for Humanity where all profits go to a whole range of worthy causes. Last year’s gigs were all amazing in their own way. Different vibes for different shows. Latitude Festival, Rhumba Club’s 26th Birthday Birthday, Rex Club Paris, Überhaus, Beirut and New Year’s Eve in Budapest were all fantastic and great fun to be DJing with good mates.

Danny: The same as Darren really .. lots of great gigs coming up and our first US tour will be amazing. We have such a good time but also crack on with the work and I hope we can use some hotel downtime to get stuck into making some music in addition to the solo tracks we’ve been making for the project.

Dave: We’ve actually all just finished a new track each for a 3D EP which will be coming out on my Selador imprint at the end of February. It’s Danny’s first new original music in over 6 years so we’re really happy we got him back in the studio. The plan is to then have a release on Darren’s Detone label next and who knows, we might even get Danny to resurrect his Dig Deeper imprint if we nag him enough! 😉

How did you record the mix and what equipment did you use?  Was there a particular theme or tactic used? (Ie. mixed live, ableton, etc?)

Danny: We did two tracks each and passed it round until we were finished so was a combination of Ableton, Logic and live on the CDJs depending where we were at the time. We actually did quite a big chunk whilst stuck in an airport lounge due to a delayed flight, so that was useful!

Dave: Haha! Yes, you heard it here first. 3D live from the Turkish Airlines Lounge in Istanbul Airport!

Darren: We’re all different and bring individual vibes to the mix but try to keep it flowing without it being too disjointed . We’re really pleased with this one. Hope everyone likes it.

Where do you get your music from? What are your favourite record shops (online/to visit in person)? are you checking promos?  How much time are you spending digging a week?

Darren: I tend to buy online from different sites. Traxsource, What People Play, Clone, Juno, Beatport, Boom Kat. With promos I tend to use the companies that deliver good quality music. I get sent so much shit that it can be soul destroying and take up too much time sifting through for the odd track.

Danny: I cherry pick a few of the million promos that fly in, but 99% of what I play is bought from I don’t know how much time I spend digging but I try and make sure I never miss a new release, and try to check every b-side etc. Then I also spend a large chunk of my time hunting for non-electronic, so will be in Sister Ray, Reckless, FOPP, HMV etc .. keeps me off the street.

Dave: My label partner at Selador, Steve Parry runs a music sourcing service called SMP3. He finds music for Sasha, Behrouz, myself and a few more. He used to serve me vinyl when he worked at 3 Beat Records for 20 years so he knows my taste maybe better than I do! He Dropboxes me a hundred or so new tracks every week which is more than enough really but I also check promos from all my favourite labels and promo companies and then might also visit Beatport every couple of weeks to see if I’ve missed anything. Plus I still visit Rough Trade in Nottingham once a month to get my record shop fix and I also get loads of tracks via Selador as we’re always planning way ahead of ourselves on releases and are inundated daily with demos. There’s so much music coming out every week now that you could literally spend 24/7 doing nothing else but listening to new music and still not really touch the surface.

Tell us about your record collection.. what records/genres/obsessions/guilty pleasures have you got in common? pls give us examples.

Darren: I’ve got too many vinyls that need to be sorted . Got a bit of everything .The good thing about us is we all love our music and we’ love listening to every type of music thats out there. I love Spotify for that these days as it puts me onto new music that I wouldn’t know about. Dave and Danny have a obscure 80’s pop record fetish as I found out in Paris when they were playing non-stop ‘name that tune’. Some serious memory cells being used there.

Danny: It took me years but I finally have my record collection in a manageable state. About 7000 electronic 12”s, about 6000 rock/pop/jazz/punk albums and about 4000 CDs. A lot of it is organised and spans everything from my massive Bowie and Prince collection, to bands like Can, Hawkwind, Boredoms, etc all the way through to cheesy stuff like Phil Collins and Mamas and Papas, and the 80s stuff that we sing to wind Daz up. Like him, I also love Spotify too.

Dave: I’ve got around 7000 records now. I downsized a few years ago. I cleared out about 5000 that I knew I’d probably never play again. Things that were of their time and hadn’t necessarily aged well. I’ve got a lot of 80s stuff from when my vinyl obsession was probably at it’s peak and I have an original 1960s Wurlitzer jukebox at home so I’ve tonnes of 7” stuff right across the board genre-wise. Like Danny, Prince & Bowie are both well represented along with The Jam, Talking Heads, New Order and lots of early Electro. I also have to agree with the guys on Spotify. I only really discovered it last year. Was definitely a bit late to the party on that one but it really has changed my listening habits. I used to think Soundcloud was a good place to get lost for a few hours but Spotify is a whole different level!

Where do you all play most often around the world? what’s interesting about the scene in that particular place? 

Darren: Japan for me . I’m on tour there as I type this and have had a mad week . Great clubs, great people, great food . Iit’s just a mad place to hang.

Dave: Greece, Hungary and Mexico are probably the 3 places I’ve visited most. I’ve covered those countries from top to bottom, coast to coast, city by city over the years. They’re all wonderful countries who are very passionate about their partying.

Danny: It was North America for the bulk of the last 15 or so years but now I’m a bit more spread out (oo er) and go anywhere they’ll take me! I’m a sucker for small rooms so my last Argentina tour was extremely memorable – 2 really big gigs interspersed with a small club gig and finishing on a private party for 100 people in a beautiful location. Just amazing.

How long have you known each other and how did you all meet?

Darren: Too bloody long! :) I’ve known these 2 cats sine the early 90’s if I can remember rightly and always got on . We still love what we do ..It’s never gonna leave us. So 3D is such a great thing to do ..Playing , hanging , touring with 2 good old mates.

Danny:  Same as. I met Dave in Brighton around 93 and we hit it off straight away. I was totally unknown yet he spent so much time talking to me and had no ego or attitude whatsoever. Darren I met shortly after and again we hit it off straight away. The 3 of us together worked straight away – we take it seriously but have an amazing time, and always try and find things we can improve or better ways of working together.

You’ve all seen a lot of changes in the scene since you started?  there are plenty of obvious ones (vinyl vs digital) but what are the ones people don’t talk about as much?

Dave: I think the smoking ban changed things more than people realise. And the smart phone of course. Historically clubs had always been where people went to escape but since the advance of digital technology that’s not really the case anymore. We’re all connected, all of the time. There is no escape. I love that certain clubs have started banning phones like Watergate and Berghain in Berlin because they’re such a distraction from what I think should be the fundamental reason we go to clubs – to dance, be in the moment. to switch off and get lost in the music. Similarly, the smoking ban has had a huge affect on the dance floor as back in the day, DJs used to have a more captive audience. You could take people on that journey as the cliche goes, dance floors were not so transient. People can be outside chatting for ages before they realise they’ve missed half the night!

Dance music has its up and downs and in a lengthy career of being in the industry, it must be very easy to lose sight of the dance floor, how do you stay motivated in a lengthy career as DJs? 

Danny: I still collect records but going digital has expanded the range of what I can do and the amount of variation I can bring to each set. Plus my back isn’t fucked from carrying two crates of acetates like I used to! Like Dave said, the smoking ban, whilst I approve, has made things different when it comes to long sets as you used to be able to get away with going more left-field at times without fear of everyone running off to smoke. You still can in certain places but you have to hold back from getting too Emerson, Lake and Palmer. (Or Emerson, Howells and Seaman)

Dave: I think because the scene is consistently evolving. It never stands still. So that means there’s always something new to learn or discover and therefore, you’re never allowed to get into a comfort one for too long before you gets left behind. Ultimately, it’s the music that keeps driving you forward. There’s still a huge buzz to be had playing a track for the first time and seeing a dance floor react with delight.

You all stem from  the hard partying early days of dance music, what do you make of the Millenials? the bracket of young people who prefer to spend money on avocado toast and would rather be teetotal than ruin their Saturday with a hangover? is the 2018 version of  dave beer/charlie chaster of yesteryear currently arranging a Sunday morning brunch?!

Darren: Well I’m doing the London Marathon this year so I think things have def. changed since the old days :) But also my hangovers take a few days to get over these days. I’ll still give it a good go every now and again of course. Just got to pick your battles. I’m sure there are a bunch of young’s getting smashed every weekend. Still out on the Sunday. They just do the avocado on sour dough midweek :)

Danny: Yeah we’re all a bit older (a bit haha!) and more sensible so I think we all take more care now. We do hit the sherry when we play together but we tend to moderate that as it can end in airport detentions and horrific aeroplane group selfies. The millennials rock but if anyone wants to know how to make a proper avocado toast or a jackfruit chilli then they need to come to me.

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Acumen ‘Modernist’ EP Out Now on Selador

acumen - modernist ep-1Frenchman Antoine Garcin (aka Acumen) will already be a familiar name to Selador fans following his superb ‘Instinct Primaire/ Femme Fatale’ EP last year as well as his remix for Lonya on ‘The World That Disappears’ and an appearance on our 5th Showcase Compilation with ‘Ici Ou Allieurs’. Be warned however, he’s only just getting started!

An artist who falls effortlessly into the ‘prolific’ category, his recent procession of releases for the likes of Last Night On Earth, Einmusika and Non Stop are soon to be followed by an entire album on his own Time Has Changed imprint. In the meantime though, we managed to grab ourselves another piece of the pie and accordingly present ‘The Modernist’ EP as our second outing of the year.

The 4 tracker consists of a brace of originals coming in two very different ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ varieties whilst remix duties fall to the ever reliable UK producer Simon JOBE and French new boys, Yeuz both of whom we predict are destined for rather large things this year.

Pick yourself a winner.

Selador Recordings – Master modernists.


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Dave is Guest Resident on Nemone’s BBC 6 Music Show

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 20.38.18


I was absolutely delighted to be asked to be the Guest Resident on Nemone’s Electric Ladyland show last week. Being an avid 6 Music listener, it’s was a pleasure to be on the station to take part in the regular feature that asks you to select a favourite warm up track, an all time classic floorfiller and a favourite wind down song too.To say it was a tough task to narrow it down to just three is an understatement, but a deal is a deal, so listen hear to my choices that made the final cut >>

Listen to the full show here >>

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Radio Therapy Broadcast – January 2018

Listen again to the latest edition of Dave’s long running Radio Therapy Show, this month featuring new music from Andhim, Audiojack, Gorge, Frankey & Sandrino, BOg and many, many more. Electronic music radio how it should be done. Just the good stuff, no bullshit. Bad ass!

1. Andhim ‘Amene’ (Frankey & Sandrino) [Superfriends]

2. Re.You & Florian Busse ‘Cuando’ [This And That]

3. Hanne & Lore ’Chateau De Krawall’ (Andhim) [Heulsuse]

4. D-Pulse ‘Get Lost’ (Attic Chefs) [Detail & Co./Downtown]

5. Gorge ‘Alaris’ [Still Hot]

6. Dave Seaman ‘Virgo Ryzin’ (Audiojack) [Selador]

7. Third Son ‘Roath’ [Polymath]

8. Acumen ‘Post Modern’ (JOBE) [Selador]

9. Quivver ‘The Rat’ [Tronic]

10. BOg ’Nuit’ [Plattenbank]

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My New Single ‘Virgo Ryzin’ Out Now On Selador

Virgo RYZinHot on the heels of his recent ‘Control Freak’ release the label, bossman Dave Seaman is back flexing his muscles on Selador once more, armed with another bountiful package that shows a statement intent for 2018 for both artist and label.

This time Dave shows off a more subtle side as he constructs ‘Virgo Ryzin’ around an incessant lead line that bristles with brooding understated energy. It’s beguiling and vibrant, considered and assured, the mark of a man who’s just celebrated his 30th anniversary in the dance music industry.

Remix-wise, the Audiojack juggernaut rolls into town fresh from their recent chart topping adventures. The Ibiza based UK duo’s star has been in the ascendency for some time and it’s not hard to see why. Another outright winner.

Next we are delighted to welcome Joeski back to the label after his last remix for Dave formed part of the ‘Justified Replacement Of Lulu’ release back in 2014. This time he employs an Afro flavour for a heritage inspired mix that takes us back to our roots. It began in Africa!

Sasha Braemer has been on the Selador hit list for what seems like an eternity, so we’re very happy to say we finally got our man. The ever reliable German adds his considerable pedigree to proceedings with a stylish interpretation that has it’s fair share of surprises.

And completing the line up, it’s another Selador outing for Techno young guns, Loco & Jam. Following their recent success on Suara & Tronic, the Northern Irish duo deliver another slammer for all your all big room, bass heavy requirements.

Love and support for this one has come from all corners of the electronic music world including Re.You, DAVI, Township Rebellion, Kolsch, Frankey & Sandrino, DJ Harvey, Edu Imbernon, Nick Warren, Dubspeeka, BOg, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo and many more.

All bases covered then. Another home run.

What a way to start the year.

Selador Recordings – Let the games begin.


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Radio Therapy Broadcast – December 2017

Listen again to the final Radio Therapy Broadcast of 2017 featuring Stephan Bodzin, Patrice Baümel, Audiojack, André Hommen and World premiere of Dave’s own new single and much, much more besides. Electronic Music Radio as it should be done 😉

1. Dave Seaman ‘Virgo Ryzin’ [Selador]

2. Eliahh feat. Valentine ‘The Past’ (Sascha Braemer) [Bar 25]

3. JOBE ‘Anomaly’ [Chapter 24]

4. Squire feat. Vettel ‘Lost Again’ (Olderic) [Supernature]

5. Mongo ‘Spacewalker’ (Athea) [High Tide]

6. Monolink ’Sirens’ (Patrice Baümel) [Embassy Of Sound]

7. AFFKT ‘Pentode’ (Audiojack) [Sincopat]

8. Diaz & Parree ‘Act Out Sexually’ (Patrick Kunkel & Nihil Young) [Frequenza]

9. JOBE ‘Changes’ [Chapter 24]

10. Stelios Vassiloudis & Nils Nuernberg ‘Eyes Turned Skywards’ [Selador]

11. André Hommen ‘Quiche Bells’ [Vivrant]

12. Stephan Bodzin ‘Strand’ [Afterlife]

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